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  1. Just picked up the cutest setup up lol. Got the mini volt and atty (that little two post rda)
  2. I've been gone a long time. Just decided to hop back on. I've been alright and all over the world the past year. Currently using a cuboid and moonshot rta for my daily driver with a 10 wrap 22g 3mm ID build. Cloud setup in a limited edition brass The block and mxv4 with a 20g build I will not say what it's at.
  3. They are ok but not great. Ramp up time is slow and once they are hot they stay hot for awhile.
  4. I wanna get another zna and put the sx mini chip in it. Varitube finally has them back in stock
  5. Good thing about it is if the chip craps out in ya. Got a really nice box to put a quality chip back in.
  6. I think fat daddy vapes has some of those tiny washers
  7. Isn't it amazing at all the rate this industry is growing. Something out there for just about everyone. Like being a kid in a toy store all over again
  8. Lol that's like wishing for ice water in hell. There's always a shiny new toy around the corner
  9. Couple more silverplay RTA and the sx mini mod with the extension tube to run at 120w
  10. I'll break it down crayon drawing style for you...your device produces more power than stated....that means more heat for the coil you are using. Get a higher ohm coil
  11. Only problem with dna40 is to use temp control you have to use nickel wire and that stuff is a pita to work with for me anyways. Plus all the problems people have been have with new chip. Evolv needed to really crack down on qc with this one
  12. Lmao. Good luck with that. I tried to tell my wife the same thing
  13. Do you pick up anything shiny when you were a kid....lol I did and still. Hypnotized by shiny
  14. Short answer for istick users....run a higher ohm coil
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