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  1. Just picked up the cutest setup up lol. Got the mini volt and atty (that little two post rda)
  2. I've been gone a long time. Just decided to hop back on. I've been alright and all over the world the past year. Currently using a cuboid and moonshot rta for my daily driver with a 10 wrap 22g 3mm ID build. Cloud setup in a limited edition brass The block and mxv4 with a 20g build I will not say what it's at.
  3. They are ok but not great. Ramp up time is slow and once they are hot they stay hot for awhile.
  4. I wanna get another zna and put the sx mini chip in it. Varitube finally has them back in stock
  5. Good thing about it is if the chip craps out in ya. Got a really nice box to put a quality chip back in.
  6. I think fat daddy vapes has some of those tiny washers
  7. Isn't it amazing at all the rate this industry is growing. Something out there for just about everyone. Like being a kid in a toy store all over again
  8. Lol that's like wishing for ice water in hell. There's always a shiny new toy around the corner
  9. Couple more silverplay RTA and the sx mini mod with the extension tube to run at 120w
  10. I'll break it down crayon drawing style for you...your device produces more power than stated....that means more heat for the coil you are using. Get a higher ohm coil
  11. Only problem with dna40 is to use temp control you have to use nickel wire and that stuff is a pita to work with for me anyways. Plus all the problems people have been have with new chip. Evolv needed to really crack down on qc with this one
  12. Lmao. Good luck with that. I tried to tell my wife the same thing
  13. Do you pick up anything shiny when you were a kid....lol I did and still. Hypnotized by shiny
  14. Short answer for istick users....run a higher ohm coil
  15. voltage devices with Chinese origins often have a menu option that allows the user to switch between RMS and MEAN (or AVG) options. Which should you choose, and why? I'm no electrical engineer, so I can really only give you an overview of the engineering involved. What I can tell you is that RMS should be your choice. Let's start with the an explanation of why the RMS/Mean option is included in the first place. Many variable voltage devices use pulse width modulation (PWM) circuitry to deliver power. That's how we can get a 6 volt output from a 3.7volt battery. The power essentially goes on and off rapidly and looks like a wave on an oscilloscope. The VMAX and early versions of the ZMAX used this pulse width modulation, but used MEAN or AVG to measure and adjust the output. Because this method does not take into account the “off” time in PWM, the actual power output was often much higher than what the device was set to. You can set a VMAX to 4 volts and get output closer to 5 volts. It's a great way to burn a cartomizer if you're not careful. Later versions of the ZMAX have been referred to as having the “8th menu option,” which signifies the ability to switch the device between RMS and Mean. RMS measures the output much more accurately and will provide a much more consistent vape. Quite frankly, there is no reason to switch back to MEAN and it's curious why that would even be included as an option. It's like giving a driver a choice of an accurate speedometer or one that reads 10mph too low. So the short answer is that RMS is the easy choice. The question really is why were we given that choice in the first place?http://vapingguides.com/blog/2013/08/rms-and-mean/
  16. Seen an awesome design for a BBQ pit built out of glass bottles last night. I know where mine are going now
  17. The v2 are switching to rms to fix that problem
  18. The v1 of istick runs in mean not rms that why its weird on yall
  19. I eat alot of this food due to the guys I work with. Most of them are from the valley and all Texas. I know when we go to another state we always try and find goats for the start of a new job BBQ. Baby goat is some good stuff. The VIP mascot is yummy lol
  20. When I do fly I have all my stuff completely apart in cases with the batteries in the battery storage box with the box in a safety bag with carry on bag. I'll break out a small ego and protank mini to carry on person
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