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  1. What strength is the nicotine? 72mg nic in my 60ml mixes at 3mg is usually 2.5ml of nic.
  2. I'm pretty sure about 20ish drops is supposed to be a ml or thereabouts. I'd invest in some packs of syringes though as it makes things miles easier
  3. What sort of percentages are you using and what does the manufacturer recommend? I can say I've ever bathed my ejuice and I have some pretty decent DIY mixes. Have you tried just leaving it to mature without heating? Also who's the manufacturer of the concentrates? Inawera, flavour apprentice and Capella all have nice fruit flavours IMO
  4. No worries. You might find it hotter than you're used to until you get your preferred temperature dialed in. With that resistance and wattage you're probably not reaching temperatures that temp control can offer because of the action of drawing air over the coil. What tank/rda are you using?
  5. You need to know that the burning point of cotton is around 430' Fahrenheit so you wanna be below that. Wattage shouldn't matter as your mod should throttle the power to regulate the temperature but too low a power will make the coil take longer to hit peak temperature. I can't give a better understanding than that myself as I've only tinkered with temp control but that would be the basics.
  6. Smok alien will be able to handle that coil. As long as it's a 510 connection there shouldn't be a problem with any tank.
  7. The v8 stick doesn't have variable wattage does it? Also I'd say higher VG helped with the throat sensation but even with higher pg the sensation of that throat hit I wouldn't describe as a burning sensation, would you? I'd have described it as more of a tickle myself. Burning would describe a dry cotton hit or the juice frying over a hot spot maybe
  8. As previously stated it's highly unlikely for a regulated mod to blow unless it has been damaged or if there is a flaw with the design. Most "mods" that blow are mechanicals and my view, based on the front line header news with barely any technical input, is that these are scare stories designed to turn people away from vaping.
  9. 2 of my best flavours are cherry ensembles, I wouldn't say they were hard to work with myself
  10. No Ni80 wire cannot be used for temperature control. It's used as an alternative to Kanthal and gives lower resistance and ramp up time. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  11. You might wanna try an RDTA if you're looking for a tank of juice but also a bigger build deck. The avocado 24 is easy to build on and refill and is single and dual coil compatible. Never thought I'd go for one, when I tried it I just started for looking for a better RDTA. No more tanks for me as their lung draw is too restrictive with complex builds. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  12. Ejuice lab by oyvind was the first one I purchased, simple to use and has export options. The one I'm using now is vape tool pro by vape tool. I changed over when I found out that also tell you how much any bottle costs to make up. Very useful app that also has coil building templates and other information. Both are on the Google play store as I'm on android, I can only hope they're available for Apple users as well. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  13. Have you used any apps before? There are some real simple ones to use out there and you can export all your recipes to save them for other devices. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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