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  1. I use max vg juice. So could very well be to think juice.
  2. 10 watts do t heat the coil hardly at all. And 30w heats it enough to get vape.
  3. I've never had a problem running 50w before. 30 barely heats it up as well.
  4. The coil runs from 30-100w. And is recommended at 60w I used to run .5 but only with my 150w mod.
  5. I use a vaporfi viper tank. And I only run max vg juice. I tend to stick to light juices.
  6. I prime my coils very well. I start at 30. Then 35 then up till 50. I using deep fried apple pie juice currently. It could be bad coils on top of sugary juice. I've been using the 1.2ohms for a while ever since my 150w mod broke and been using a 60w.
  7. So I'm pretty s7re I got a batch of bad coils. I've gone through 4 in the 0ast week and only burned maybe 60ml of juice. I run a 30w-100w 1.2Ohm coil at 50w. And I didn't have problems till well this batch of coils. This sounds way out there. But I also bought some juice... could it be bad juice?
  8. I go on vape wild. I think they do international. But someone is normally online so you can ask to be sure. They pretty cheap. 240ml vg usp grade only like 3 dollars. And it isn't bad stuff. Flavours are around 2.99 a piece as well.
  9. It's a fixed connector. I probably need to clean the connector. If that don't help. I guess I'll take it apart since it's not under warranty. But if I can't get it to work still any mod ideas? Looking around 150w still.
  10. I have an issue with my tc150 mod so in the mean time I'm using my 60w joyetech. When I put my tank (vaporfi viper) on my 150 it'll either read as a "no atomizer" or 1.6 ohm roughly. My coil is a .5ohm coil. My 60w shows .54 ohms so I'm pretty sure it's my 150 ohm reader either is bad or I need to fix the connection piece on the mod itself. Either way is it really worth the hassle or should i just get a new mod.the picture is from when it read more appropriately.
  11. The 20% is much better with little steep time of sitting around. And the company didn't really help me much.
  12. Vaporfi has a slushi juice. It's like the red and blue slushi combined. But has a cooling to it. But not menthol if that sparks interest. But you should be able to find a mixed berry flavor at just about any vape shop. But shops will help you find what you like. And testing is important if it's available. But with regulations you have to pay $1 but it's worth it. I use the viper tank with the tc150w. Nice mod by the way. Fancier than mine. Those lights pretty neat. Haha.
  13. I have a syringe. I use for the vg . But the flavourings have dripper caps.
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