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  1. So I took it back to the guy, and he traded me for a different one. ****** that one up too so quit. Just sticking to smoking cigarettes. Good ole simple cigarettes. Thank you for the help, but these things are too complicated and too expensive to keep messing around with.
  2. It says Polaris sub-OHM resistance kit by e generation. But yeah I got it from a store near me, and the guy didn't look like he knew what he was doing. But I had filled it with the juice, i just don't think I filled it up enough the first time. I put more in and its working better but the burnt taste is still there. Danggit.
  3. Hi, so I just bought a vape pen, and it came with absolutely no directions, which I thought was weird. But anyways, every time I press the button on it, it makes a sucking noise and starts smoking at the top and smelling like burnt rubber. Can someone help me please?
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