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  1. How to Use Switch display mode: Keep pressing upside and downside of the adjustment button simultaneously for two seconds when the device is off, the screen display will rotate 180 degrees. You can view the screen from two different angles through this operation. Switch among VW /TC-Ni/TC-Ti modes: Long press the menu button to switch modes. 1) In VW Mode: Adjust wattage: In VW mode, the output wattage can be adjusted from 1W to 60W by pressing upside or downside of the adjustment button, upside to increase and downside to decrease. Long press upside or downside of the adjustment button can rapidly increase or decrease the wattage level. These are the directions to set it as earthlink suggested
  2. I do have a cam, but use it for the Mic more than anything else on Skype. LOL I'm with FXRich no one wants to see my Mug. I have very few images of me out on the net let alone videos... -0- LOL
  3. Very true. I have not tried one in an OCC head yet so I would be interested in your findings with it. I do use them in my rebuildable tanks both dual and single and they are a nice constant performer.
  4. Not really, you have more room to work in that head. This is 7 wraps and is a .9 ohm. Much lower and you will melt the insulator. I need to add that is wrapped on a 16ga needle too.
  5. It makes one hell of a KPT head coil though.
  6. I had a hard time twisting that without getting knots in it... you can see one in my pic. You have to keep them even as best you can while twisting. I found the slower you twist it the better the results. You will still get a knot or two but most times you can cut them out as you make the coils.
  7. Not really... 24r-.5f, 24r-.9f, 22r-.5f, 22r-.9f 28r-.9f, 28r-.5f, 26r-.5f 26r-.9f 32r-.9f, 32r-.5f, 30r-.9f, 30r-.5f
  8. I would like to find some flat SS.... Nickle, or Ti. I haven't looked in a while so it may be out there now.
  9. Depends on what I'm building for. If its say a KPT coil head .5 and 32. If it is for more vapor and lower ohms. .9 with 22.
  10. I think I will always be a Tiger Wire user. I just love the flavor and versatility of them. It is kind of a pain to twist up at first, but after a while it is just second nature.
  11. I have always used my Fluke meter. I have not ever used one of the calculators for coils.
  12. LOL I'm sure he did not want to. I had mine done in Kalamazoo. I hold no ill-will toward him as he did a damn good job for what he was dealing with. He said it was one his hardest extractions.
  13. I was knocked out. I do remember the dentist on my chest cussing at my teeth and yelling at me to open wider. LOL I had a few pulled with a local and vowed never again.

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