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  1. So in my travels I purchased an authentic DNA40 Hana Modz. I've had it for a whopping 2 months and 3 weeks ago it started acting up. When you hit the fire button repeatedly to lock it it says, "right mode", the LCD will not turn off, it's stuck in temperature control mode at 40 watts and you cannot change it. Being that the Vape shop I purchased it from is several states away I called Hana directly. In fact I have called them 6 times over the last 3 weeks and all I ever get is a recording to leave a message which I have done with an explicit description of the problem, date of purchase and a phone number to call me back at. These sorry bastards have yet to return my call! So much for a 'US' company. I finally called the Vape shop and they said they'd be more than happy to send it back for me as they are a direct distributor. They said it sounds like the chip...yeah. So I sent it to them this past week so they can then send it to Hana and I estimate I won't see it again til October. If you are thinking about a Hana purchase you'd be wise to buy local or consider another manufacturer considering the price.
  2. Tired of filling your dripper? Top and bottom air flow 3ml juice well Your cotton extends all the way into the bottom of the massive juice well Sick as titts! http://science-of-vaping.com/shop/the-zenith-drippertank/
  3. Are you mixing for personal use or are you testing to start your own line?
  4. That was supposed to to be "some of the tank material can crack"
  5. Ditto on what Tam said. I usually boil a coffee cup of water in the microwave and toss them in. Don't leave them in constantly boiling water the o-rings can become bloated or misshaped and some of the tai material can crack. I'll soak in the best $6 Vodka money can buy for a few days if I'm trying to get the funk of a juice out. Depending on what atomizer you have you should snake a Q-tip or thread some cotton through the chimney. That's the most overlooked part and typically the area that soaking doesn't clean.
  6. Yeah I returned it. Purchased from Canada. The guy spoke French and our communication was very frustrating. I lost my *** on the deal. I had to pay to return it ($20) and he sent my a Kayfun 4 which it total crap. The 1:1 is spot on but the tank is a pain to assemble, and the air flow is like sucking through a coffee straw.
  7. It says the are unprotected, is that okay for a mech mod?
  8. HAH! I had the same clone and it was total garbage. I never used it because when I took the tank apart to clean it chunks of hard clear glue fell out and there were flakes encrusted inside. I said nope and sent it back.
  9. Okay it's been a whole day, where's the pics and opinions? Think I'll pass on the skull cover, reminds me a the melting Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  10. ...so it really is an Endless Summer
  11. So I guess now there are clones of clones? I have an Agua V2 clone that I had altered and (IMO) is probably the best rebuildable tank there is. My local B/M stopped selling them and I found them online on 'clearance'. I ordered one and had a friend at a machine shop drill it out. I was reassembling it tonight and noticed it 'looks' like the first one I bought but upon further examination I noticed that the engravings aren't as crisp and the inside of the chimney isn't polished like my first one. So if the Chinese are ripping off OEM's whose ripping off the Chinese?
  12. I smoked Marlboro reds from the age of 15 to 31. I quit cold turkey March 17, 2000. I found it to be the easiest thing to do once I was convinced I needed to quit. I was totally off them for 2 years and had a knack for something but I knew it wasn't a cigarette. I picked up a Fuente 858 at a cigar shop and it was like heaven. With good cigars you don't inhale them. So I was after that flavor which I never got from the 'licking the bottom of an ashtray' cigarette taste. I smoked Cigars from 2002 until November of last year in a decision to stop because my wife decided to quit smoking cigarettes and she started vaping. I started on 12 mic but when I started I wasn't getting the flavor, I was smoking the ecig like a cigar and the FLAVOR comes from inhaling the vapor. It's a combination of your taste buds, throat, nose, lungs and sinuses. So I started inhaling vapor and couldn't handle it. Coughed and gaged like crazy. So I started using 0 mic and all was good until I realized that even though I wasn't inhaling cigar smoke I was getting nicotine through my mouth. I started getting cranky and upped my dosage of nic to 3 and all was good after a week. So yes, I agree that I think people tend to over nic in the beginning because 50% or so of cigarette addiction is mental. As for vaping being addictive it's as addictive as anything else IMO. I do vape more than I ever did when I smoke cigarettes but I vape for the flavor not the lung hit I got when I smoked. I vape as much as I smoked cigars because I could make a 60x6 Cigar last for hours. I do tend to notice I'm looking for my mod if I've been without it or put it down but I think it's more the hand and mouth routine, like driving a stck shift all the time and when you drive an automatic your left leg is looking for the clutch.
  13. Well I'm late to the party but if you can get a 150W authentic for $78 the only thing I can say is why haven't you bought it yet? I have the plus 100W and it out performs my Cloupor T8 150W box. At 80W my Segelei noticeably out performs the T8 at 150W. I have dropped it numerous times and it still works like a champ. It has a few scratches and scrapes but I just consider that 'character'. I have a temp controlled device and I built nickel and (IMO) it's a pain to work with and I notice absolutely no benefit to it. For $78 you can't go wrong! As Earthling789 said, get a new set of batteries. You always want to marry a set and always use them together.
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