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  1. I actually already knew this, but was reminded of it this morning... When the weather gets colder and your vaping in the car, be sure to crack the window so that you can see WHERE THE HELL YOU ARE GOING!!
  2. Havamal

    Trying to upgrade

    Just a heads up... look closely at the base when you changes coils! There is a small clear o-ring on the bottom of the coil, occasionally it will come off and stick to the base! It is clear so when wet it is almost invisible, if you don't see it there and put on a new coil it wont seat right and you will get leakage out the air holes!! (Learned this when my Subox Mini and had the same problem!)
  3. Today I learned that there is a little clear O-ring on the bottom of the coils for my sub tank that has a tendency to come off when you switch coils and once there is 2 or more invisibly stuck to the base the next coil will not seat properly causing liquid to seep below and leak out the air holes all over the friggin place! What a mess
  4. Or right after you finally talked your self into buying it.... it goes on sale for 75% less than what you just paid!
  5. Havamal

    Kanger Subox Kit

    Broke down and picked up a Subox Mini kit in Black... It was getting good reviews and I figured what the heck. I have to say I'm satisfied with the purchase, I'm using it now more than anything else. It does fair better with a higher vg...
  6. Havamal

    First tank and battery

    Started with the Vision Spinner and a CE4... until you mentioned it Tam I could not remember what it was.... seems so long ago...
  7. Havamal

    Foods or Drinks you like to Vape with

    Lately my favorite mix is a Black Honey Nut with a 15 yr single malt that was given to me... Plenty of the BHN left, but I am almost out of the single malt!
  8. Havamal

    Hey all!

    Welcome Aboard!
  9. Havamal

    WHOz HeaDeD 2 THe SuPeRBoWL?

    As far as Sherman's little speech.... I think it was completely intentional and thought through. Here is why: Seahawks get bad PR over Marshawn Lynch not talking to media Seahawks need to take the focus off Lynch, the only way to do that is to give them something bigger. Nothing pumps up people than a little drama! and is there a better way than what Sherman did? Sherman is not a stupid man... he has a degree from Stanford and is working on his masters in.... wait for it... COMMUNICATION & MARKETING! I don't know, it all seems a little convenient... btw.... GO HAWKS!!
  10. Havamal

    New guy here

    Welcome Aboard!
  11. Havamal

    Whatcha Vaping?

    My local B&M brought in yet another brand of Juice... Puff King... and they gave me a 15ml bottle to try of their Vanilla Shake. Not bad... kind of mild though, but decent. It is a 30pg/70vg mix so it produces mass vapor....
  12. Quick... someone call the FDA we need a regulation!
  13. Havamal

    New here

    Welcome aboard! Congrats on dropping the analogs! Keep it up!!

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