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  1. Yeah we found one waiting for person to come show us it
  2. Just got down to st louis we came down to find a house to move to
  3. Were looking at st chareles or further west o fallen area
  4. Sounds like a good idea I could break out the smoker and some ribs and some pulled pork Hehe my quickie is 2 mins oh wait wrong subject
  5. Ill be moving to St. Louis at the beginning of june so no michigan meet up for me but anyone by st louis ill be happy to meet up
  6. Ok time to get off here lol my mind took that totally wrong
  7. Can never get all my kids together mvp and vv 3.0 is with wife
  8. Took a pic with new atty on my castle with one of the renegade tips
  9. I never even win a dollar on scratch offs but vaping stuff im a lucky sob the ruckus one is 5 60ml bottles 4 renegade drip tips and a authentic patriot
  10. Got some mail last few days all contest wins except the dripclub box

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