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  1. Yes and it will take them awhile to implement the new ruling. No worries for us they are only concerned with the under age sells of e-cigs it seems.
  2. Sirius

    DNA 50!

    Nice work..Fast Tech can keep the $60 Hana 20's..lol
  3. Welcome and grats on 7 months smoke free!
  4. WElcome Sam..Nice mech mod collection. I also use mechanicals.
  5. Thnx all for the warm welcome.
  6. So I guess now they are in the e-cig business? No matter to me I use a fog machine! :p
  7. Okay tyvm for clearing that up..I saw it in other places..lol
  8. I didn't get anything today..That mod of BigClouds totally rocks though!
  9. I see you fish. I caught a few spotted bass Monday but they are going on the bed here now.
  10. You got that right, I'm in Georgia and know where you are coming from. Yeah well I try to educate first time users about battery safety and most listen. Not to exceed the "C" rating and follow ohms law..lol I try to simplify it it using the hosepipe scenario..lol
  11. I worry that mods will be in the same classification as drug paraphernalia..Isn't it like that out in Cali?
  12. I thought they were delaying it again..lol First it was Monday now tomorrow wth?
  13. King Brass, Trident V2, Molehill Mountain Drip Tip
  14. Sirius


    Oh forgot about wicks..cotton of course .. lol
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