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  1. Sorry bout the pic being upside down not sure why that happened
  2. I agree Bush! I don't really post much on there, or delve into the fray, but there's a few good friends on there and we've kinda gone into a splinter group to escape the trolling. That being said, CCI has their own products they sell that are decent. And you don't have to buy through FB. I've gotten some good help through a few of the guys and gals there.
  3. *cation* be advised of battery safety! Running SSDP (single strand dual parallel) 22g 5wrap 1/8th bit. 0.10 ohms with CCI militia RDA (patriot clone) on my Hades mod. Well, that went upside down fast! Dangit!
  4. *caution* be advised of battery safety! Finally got the hang of building a centered single strand dual parallel 22g 5 wrap on 1/8th bit! 0.10 ohms. Got my 5x120 mls of juice and CCI militia rda in today! Clouds aplenty!
  5. Until and/or unless Sony starts remaking the 26650
  6. There are the Panasonic CGR26650A 50A. http://vaporjoe.blogspot.com/2014/05/sony-replaced-panasonics-cgr26650a.html?m=1
  7. What is your nic level and pg/vg ratio as well?
  8. My wallet weeps silent tears. But my vape bag is cheering me on.
  9. Pulled the trigger on five 120ml bottles of juice from CloudChasersINC. Okay. I've got to stop! I've spent over $500 in 3 days! Is there a support group or anything I can join!?!?
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