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Found 14 results

  1. I have been using the Exxus Push Cartridge Vaporizer, and I noticed when fully pushed, the cart tilts slightly to one side. When I try to rip it, it blinks twice and doesn't rip. Blinking twice means the batt does not recognize a cart. It's unable to be pushed back into place and stand still, so I can't seem to get it to rip. Also, it's not the cart's fault because it works on other batteries and other carts don't work in this one. How do I fix this?
  2. I have recently bought the Vape Pen 22 and have not used for some 15 odd days and now when I am trying to use it the battery is blinking for 4 times and when I charged it for almost 3-4 hours I am still facing the same problem. Vape Pen 22 battery is blinking 4 times
  3. I'm relatively new to vaping, picked up a Joyetech Exceed about a month ago. I left it untouched for a day, and now it won't power on. I've had it plugged in to charge for several hours now, tried holding down the power button, pressing it several times... nothing. It's not lighting up, the coil's not firing... just dead. Anyone had a similar issue? Suggestions on how to get it going again?
  4. I recently got an eGo-C Twist from a well trusted friend but almost immediately encountered a problem with charging. When I plug it in, the light is red for a second then stays a solid green. I know the solid green means it is fully charged, but it does not seem to hold a charge longer than 3 seconds. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
  5. Hello, guys, i am quite new to vaping and I'd like to ask you a couple of questions. Yesterday, I bought myself a vape with the following configuration:1) smok tfv12 tank (with preinstalled smok v12-t12 atomizer)2) CigGo Praxis Vapor Banshee 150W TC box mod3) 2x Avatar 2000 mAh 20A 18650 batteriesAs far as I understand, the coil that I use has a low resistance (0.12 Ohm), and therefore i should vape at 120+ watts. I notice that after a few minutes of vaping the tank and the mod become warm. The tank seems to be getting warm due to the heating of the evaporator, but now with the mod itself I had a question. I conducted an independent investigation, and I realized that the batteries were getting warm. I read a few articles and understood that the batteries should not become hot on their own. Tell me please, what could be the problem. Are these batteries bad for this vape or what? Moreover i see that my mod has temperature control. Is is OK to use stainless steel TC mode with my atomizer? Or better just use 120+ watts?
  6. I just ordered a Sigelei 150 Watt and was wondering if any can point me in the right direction as far as batteries and charger? Where is the best place online to get good batteries and what kind do you recommend? Also if you could recommend a good battery charger...Thanks
  7. 3 days ago I purchased an ego one vt and it has been working perfectly fine, I was actually impressed with how well it vapes, creating plenty of vapour and not a single dry hit. Last night I was vaping for a couple mins and went to take another hit and no vapour came out, i looked at the device and the lights stayed on and the button continuously flashes, it has been 12+ hours and it is still flashing. Charging seems to work fine but the battery will not fire at all. I have tried every combination of buttons and nothing seems to work... any ideas anyone?
  8. Hey, can anyone help me if you know what I should do with my batteries. I just discovered that the juices are inside my batteries. Can I still use it? I tried to get them out as much as I can, but seems like its still the same.
  9. I know this is a stupid question and prolly one I should already know by now but it has escaped my mind....I have two box mods...sig 150 watt and istick 100....what is the difference between button top batterys and flat top batteries and which would work best in a regulated mod like the ones i own...also if you guys have any good websites or battery brand suggestions i'm all ears...thanks
  10. I just ordered the new kangertech subox mini . I will be using .5 coils . just curious what size and brand battery i should be using? Thanks!
  11. Just for fun (and to satisfy a curiosity), when you first started vaping, what was your first tank and battery? With me, it was an eGo-T pass through 650 mAh battery and a CE4 tank with the short wicks. You couldn't even change the top coil on these things, just use and throw away the $8.00 tank that only lasted for a week or so if you were lucky. In that day and age, it was the baddest thing out there. How about you?
  12. I wasn't too sure about this battery at first. I picked it up at a local B&M for $11.00. I bought it for a Subtank Mini kit that I ordered. At first I was skeptical about the 1800mah. So I put it in my Evic. I went through 2 tanks with a KPT2 before the light started to darken, after 4 tanks it seems to need recharging. I got about the same battery life out of my Panasonic 3400mah batteries. So I believe they are good batteries. I don't judge battery life on how many hours it lasts but how many tanks I go through.
  13. I was in my living room and I smell something burning. I found that my mechanical mod (apollo clone) had started up. I rush to the sink an saw my RDA coils glowing so I took off my RDA ASAP (BTW my vape was still firing with no button on). Luckily I got my vape deattached in time before any fire started. My questions are how can I prevent this in the future. How common is this. And other information I need to know.
  14. I have a Nemesis Vape by Atmomixani. I need to change the battery but for some reason it won't unscrew. What could I do to make it open? Please help!! I attached a picture of it!
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