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  1. My current supervisor loves these guys. Also I was at a many a high school and college party's where ACDC music blared out the speakers. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane....what I can remember. lol
  2. The smoke signal cloud chaser above my head may soon meet his demise on this Island as I see myself joining forces with Tameiki's and the Wizard, we want to stay on this island for quiet awhile longer it is way fun with this group of folks I plan to grab some tobacco seeds and my big *** bottle of Nic from Wizard labs which just happens to have pg included. I am sure I can find some natural fruit flavorings on our island to keep me going until my tobacco plants are ready to be harvested from. yep I plan to make this my new home. lol
  3. i had seen this done somewhere before but when I began looking in my bookmarks could not find it so thank you Comp for sharing it here. I am going to give it ago. We use to have a local plating shop and wish now they were still in business, environmental regulations kind of got them shut down, as we are right on 2 rivers. any way this process kind of reminds me of some of the end result of plating etc
  4. Welcome to VT, i would recommend the kanger pro tank 2 and any variation of kanger brand tanks, any bottom feeder type tanks should work will for you. Juices are so subjective but would start with a vender that sells sample size ejuice so you can cheaply hon in on what flavors you like.
  5. that is some pretty work there. impressed
  6. they have blue, and i love me some purple too. you just wait Patricia they will make one in rainbow color sooner or later, looks like it would be good to own one
  7. I will soon be vaping and trying for the first time Pluid, successfully ordered tonight from Vaping watch.]] In meanwhile vaping some Hawk Sauce from Mt baker, the other tank is Space Jam juice called omega. both are good enough.
  8. i am also vaping Mt Baker Hawk Sauce Mr Waylon I had put it away from my other juices and totally forgot I had it, I like it though reminds me of sweet tarts, I like ec blends sweet tart flavor a tad better, what does it taste like to others I wonder, as it seems my tastebuds have been a tad off today on some of my advapes.
  9. i use 3 or 4 a day different juices a day but my stil # 1 all day favorite vape is EC Blends Dragon Blood and I am now primarily using 6 mf nic level but only when I use the rebuildables . I go back up to my 12 mg nic in my protanks, my problem now is I have to figure out what to do with my bigass bottle like 500 ml of wizard labs 18 mg Nic ---when I begin my mixing scientific experimentation of making my own juice to save money at least until Christmas (math never been my fav subject). I have vowed to only order pluid or the juice called fariy or something or other suppose to be similar to pluid, and I want to try an eggnog -otherwise all will be made here at home lol
  10. One day I read things are turning more in ecig's favor the next day there will be some one writing about it all going to hell in a hand basket. We do need to ban together as a United front and we need to educate the public so that more of these stupid rules are not common place.
  11. Believe it or not my order from Discount Vapers was in my mailbox when i got home from work tonight, i unpacked the envelop and there was my blue vision spinner - I have it charging and the bottom dial seems to be in good condition, it is not loose at all, it is very much identical to the one purchased from Madvapes. (this one is cleaner and brighter - no ejuice spilt on it yet. As to the Rebuildable that was dirt cheap it comes with a clear polycarbonite type substance drip tip, it has a wick and a wire inside, the metal tank itself seems to be solid I like the shape of the one I chose, I have not set it up yet as I am just brain dead tonight, I may mod it or tweak it some but would say it is worth the price of under 4 bucks. the kanger protank coils are authentic, comes in the kanger box - over all satisfied with what I got from Discount Vapors. i would suggest for folks to order the blue vision spinner being this was evidentally a new supply different from what Bebob received. Bebob did you try to call Eric at DV to see if there was a bad batch?
  12. No disasters with mods or batterys yet----but I have spilt some juice and even accidentally mixed juices that were never meant to intertwine. Compenstine --I have read that rice helps absorb moisture so maybe place your SID in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice. I would give it a week before trying to fire it, maybe put in warm place for 6 hours too may help it dry out but would do rice first and then warm spot like a car. Good luck on restoring it. It could happen to anyone, I know I have forgotten to take my eye glasses off before going into the ocean and wave come and practically take the glasses off my face. lol i love boats and being on or near water, like you BC I could easily live year round in a place where it stays fairly warm year round just because nice temps and fun water and fishing activitys are way more fun when your not freezing your fingers./ toes off.
  13. hoping mine on order is from a different batch being he was out of stock. I have placed about 5 orders from DV over past 3 months and have been satisfied thus far with everything. I should have my order by Wednesday and will let you all know if the spinner is loose or not. they have the Kp 2 in blue and they have the coils so I am not sure what you are looking at. the coils were the 1.8 and 2.2. i just checked i did not go back to look at the batterys though. edited ,,,,,,, oh you r looking for just the clear glass protank 2 I guess. they are out of that I see. I saw the kpt2 on Gotsmok , which was that e5cigs.com has good deal on the kp 2 mini for 8.75 which is about half the price of discount vapers but not sure if you are in market for this one or not. also I do not know anything about e5cigs but jeez they have some very cheap prices on spinner type batterys/ if ihad seen this Thursday night I might have give this place a try. My first Vision and the 2nd came from Madvapes. hope this helps someone on the prowl for good prices just can not vouch for quality just yet
  14. Discount Vapers has some good selections and good prices on the Vision Spinner. Its funny I was just on DV Thursday night and the blue ones, and really all the VS except a rainbow color were all sold out - Out of stock, I was so wanting to get a back up VS because I had been noticing the charge not lasting as long and had already been using this one for 5 months, I was bummed that I could not get my favorite color which is Blue or even my second favorite color which is Purple. Anyway I went back on the site Friday night to look at RBa RDA and right in front of my eyes the Vision Spinner 1300 mah for price of 23.99 available in all colors flashed Back in Stock. So I ordered the spinner plus a rebuildable called a BT801 that was regular 8.99 marked down to 3.99 Well I have never heard of this particular rebuildable personally but someone gave it 5 star rating so I hope I will like it. I also picked up some more kanger pt coils, even though I usually rebuild them myself sometimes I just like to have some fresh and ready to pop in. I also have several mods but I still love my Vision Spinners for work life versus carrying the mods around. There was a memo on this site that due to unforeseen circumstances order would not be shipped out until Monday which was ok by me. However that turned out not to be true either as I already got my tracking number showing it has shipped. yes sirree. Discount Vapers also has the extra pyrex glass for kpt 2 and mini I think it was right at 3 bucks but do not quate me on that ok I have not run into the VS having the problem you described, I have only owned 2 though (my hubby stole one from me lol that I had for backup purposes. Experiment but do not blow anything up or hurt yourself, do not want the thing to vent on you I would send it back, also hoping you bought your vision spinner from somewhere else -
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