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  1. I personally would not recommend vaportekusa to anyone. But that's just me. Finding a one stop shop is almost a pipe dream unless you don't care about prices.
  2. Well I bought him a 1300mah vision spinner and the vapeonly bcc mini. I also picked him up a 10 pack 3ml sampler from tvr. Let's hope he will make an attempt to stick with it. Only time will tell.
  3. Yes, thank you! Me too. I love the guy but he's just stubborn as a mule. I really think the doc scared him this last time so maybe he'll truly give it a go. I gave him a blu starter kit forever ago and he used it until the cartos ran out and never touched it again...I guess you can't deny the simplicity of buying a pack and lighting up. Doesn't get much easier, or deadly.
  4. mse12

    Cut off times

    I simply can't use the spinners due to cutoff time. My wife has a purple one that works great but it just doesn't fit my style of vaping I guess. Just a word to the wise my mechanical mod won't cutoff unless my coil pops or battery destructs....hehe so far I've not had either of those happen! lol
  5. So I've been vaping for quite awhile. I personally use a mechanical mod with an rda as my daily driver. My father-in-law has been smoking the stinkies for a little over 30 years and his last report from the doc said his COPD is getting worse. We've attempted to convert him many times to ecigs but he is hardwired old school and doesn't have the desire or patience for any "crack-pipe" as he calls them. Well that was until the bad report he received about a week ago. I want to provide his initial setup for him. I plan on getting a couple vision spinners but I don't know what is good these days as far as clearos etc. I know he won't have the patience for cartos just yet so that'll wait. I literally think he needs the most simple fill and go possible that will give him a decent vape. The last clearo I used personally was a Kanger T3 and I was not impressed. I've used vivi's with varying levels of success. My wife loves the iclear30 but I don't think he'll go for the size of it or the swivel tip. So basically I'm looking for something that will be used on an ego style battery that is super simple to fill and works decently. I know that's probably asking a lot but lets see what suggestions you guys have. Thanks in advance and I admit I feel kinda silly asking this considering I'm far from being new. I just haven't used a simple setup in over a year...lol. Thanks! Happy vaping! -mse12
  6. mse12

    Esmoke And Poo

    Try vaping and drinking a monster energy drink when you get up...make sure you're not far from the porcelain throne.
  7. mse12

    Pre Filled Cartomizers

    The condom method is simply the most straightforward way to fill a carto. I take both condoms off, remove the top plug. Fill the larger condom about 85% full. I insert the threaded end into the condom full of juice. I hold my finger over the top and push down all the way. I usually let this sit for about 3-5 minutes. I take the condom off and fill about halfway. I flip the carto over and insert the top into the condom. I let it sit again for a few min. I pull it off, blow out the center, wipe it down and there ya go. Should take less than 10 minutes, probably 5 if you're in a hurry. Never fails.
  8. mse12

    hello forum

    Welcome. At least you only paid $70. I bought my first kit back in 2010 and paid in the $120 range...that was two batteries, the pcc, and like 10 prefilled cartos...
  9. Long battery life depends on you. If you chain vape long life is much different than the causal user. I use a bombshell stinger which takes a 3k-4k mah battery. That lasts me about two days. If I use a kick it last roughly one day. I see tons of ppl talk about ego style batteries lasting all day so obviously everyone vapes differently. Good luck.
  10. mse12

    Jimmy from Hallam,PA

    Welcome to VT!
  11. mse12

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to VT!
  12. mse12

    Hello Everyone

  13. mse12

    Glad to be here!

    Welcome aboard!
  14. mse12

    new to vaping and the forums

    Welcome to VT!
  15. mse12

    E juice smells like a hospital?

    Taste is so subjective it's hard to really say any juice is definitively good or bad. Just my 2c.

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