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  1. Not to be mean or anything but cigarettes cost WAY more than e-liquid. There are a lot of places that sell e-liquid online cheap.
  2. Has anyone tried this E-Liquid? Do you think there is a difference between this and vaping 100% PG? I'm thinking of trying it out but thought I'd ask first. http://www.jacvapour.com/help/product-support/e-liquids/clear-steam-uk-made
  3. I have been using a tank with a single coil cartomizer 3.0 ohm and decided to go with the Vivi Nova because the cartos I was using didn't last much longer than three days before I had to switch them out. I have a few questions about the Vivi Nova. (V2) The clearomizer came with three coil units that they say are "optional". The clearomizer came with one already on the unit. The three coil units are 1.9 ohm, 2.4 ohm and 2.8 ohm. I can't tell which one is which. Is there markings on them? So my questions are: 1. What are the difference in the Ohms and why would the kit come with three different ones? 2. Do I have to have the coil unit on the clearomizer? What happens if I don't and what is the difference. 3. What voltage should I vape at with this unit. I have both a vision spinner and a Ego C Twist. Sorry if the answers are obvious. I'm still pretty clueless even though I've been vaping for almost a year now.
  4. I have a Vision Spinner and an Ego Twist which are both variable voltage. I am using a rebuildable IClear clearomizer. They are both set at the same voltage however when I vape on the Ego Twist the vapor comes out smooth with little effort. I'm finding when I'm vaping on the Vision Spinner that it takes more of a pull to get the same effect. Is this normal and why? The taste is a bit more enjoyable too on the Ego Twist.
  5. Well, since all I use are clearomizers, for $1.34 a piece I'm okay with that.
  6. Interesting question. I'm surprised no one answered it. I'd like to know as well.
  7. I just received my order from Fasttech for 2 packages of CE4 clearomizers that were costing me between $3.99-$5.95 a piece for $1.34 each! They seem to work just fine. They are shipped from Hong Kong. I've only used one so far but they are the same product that other sites sell for much more. It takes about 2 weeks to ship so I ordered another batch right away. At this price they become disposable and I don't have to go through cleaning them and then reusing them and finding out that they don't work or make my eliquid taste terrible. I am SUPER happy about this! 12 clearomizers with shipping was $16.16
  8. I just ordered 12 CE4 clearomizers from Fasttech for $16.16 and free shipping over $15. That comes to $1.34 a piece. We'll see how good they actually are.
  9. I don't agree. I think that if we don't "cause a stir" then things will never be changed. I say let's start changing peoples perceptions instead of hiding.
  10. Well someone has to start somewhere. I am not sure you are going to get them to change their mind but it's worth a try.
  11. I suppose it really doesn't make sense since I know how to fill my own cartomizers with e-liquid so I'm just paying someone else to do it for me. Thought it might be nice when you are in a hurry to grab a few and go. Adding e-liquid on top of a pre-filled cartomizer probably doesn't work well either.
  12. I really never thought of it either but I buy all my eliquid in 24 mg anyway so I can't. I almost bought a zero nicotine 30 ml bottle but caught my mistake in time thank god!
  13. Are there pre-filled cartomizers available for the Ego-T? I like the clearomizers and all that but I would like if there were some options not to have to use the eliquid. Also, how long do they last?
  14. $27,50 for 30 ML is expensive. I don't care how good it is. I pay about $10 cheaper for mine and I still think that's a bit high.
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