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  1. Vaping discreet in public is easy with a technique called stealth vaping. Here are the steps. * Buy a small vape device to hide within the hand easily. Small devices emits vapors that are less compared to other devices. Inspite of the size , most of the device holds the capacity of more than 300 puffs. * Start with Inhaling few short puffs through mouth for few seconds. Don't inhale excessively as it makes the exhale more vulnerable to the eyes of onlookers. Long puffs brings huge vape clouds which leads to uneasiness and hard coughing. Long puffs makes you easily detectable. * Most device have sounds and LED light setup. LED light greatly affects the secrecy. If the device comes with regulators lower the sound, cover light with ring finger. With practice the process can become smooth and effortless.
  2. Smok Nord 4 have this option to manually reset the puff count. The puff counter only reads upto 999 and goes back to zero automatically. By pressing down wattage and fire button together, we can reset the puff count and take note on daily usage of the device.
  3. Vape Abu Dhabi delivers the best vape products like kits, mods, pods and devices in Abu Dhabi and all over UAE. We also bring top class flavours in e juice and salt nic form.
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