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    kayakiit got a reaction from cany in COVID-19   
    I guess I'll take one for the team and vape as much as possible to see if my immune system improves. For science.
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    kayakiit reacted to FXRich in COVID-19   
    Some studies have shown that propylene glycol kills viruses
    Don't know if its true or not.
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    kayakiit reacted to cany in COVID-19   
    We could only hope its true
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    kayakiit reacted to Tam in Where is everyone   
    Hi all! Yes, it's all too quiet around here. I check in and keep tabs on who is registering. So many of the vendors signing up are hawking CBD or other products of that type. Not many actual vapers or wanna be vapers signing up these days.
    With the vape mail ban in the works I've been stock piling all kinds of supplies. @FXRich I hope you'll keep us updated on how your vendor experiences wind up.
    In other news... how the heck are you all? I want to hear how you've been, what you've been up to... who wants to go first?  😄
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    kayakiit reacted to cany in Where is everyone   
    Im going from my 87 soft tail to an 01 road kind all customized out
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    kayakiit reacted to Tam in Where is everyone   
    Congrats on your retirement, @VapeMama! I just put my notice of retirement in a few weeks ago and my last day of work will be June 30th. Trying to get everything done so I can leave with a clean slate is keeping me very busy right now but my plan is to work extremely hard at doing absolutely NOTHING for the whole month of July. After that, plans are to tear into my apartment one room at a time to clean and purge and reorganize. Can't wait!
    Have fun with the kids and grandkids! I bet they keep you very busy.  😄
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    kayakiit reacted to VapeMama in Where is everyone   
    @TamCongratulations on your upcoming retirement! Take the time for yourself! You deserve it. I did take some time off but probably should have taken more!
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    kayakiit reacted to vape AD in How to vape discreet in public   
    Vaping discreet in public is easy with a technique called stealth vaping. Here are the steps.
    * Buy a small vape device to hide within the hand easily. Small devices emits vapors that are less compared to other devices. Inspite of the size , most of the device holds the capacity of more than 300 puffs.
    * Start with Inhaling few short puffs through mouth for few seconds. Don't inhale excessively as it makes the exhale more vulnerable to the eyes of onlookers. Long puffs brings huge vape clouds which leads to uneasiness and hard coughing. Long puffs makes you easily detectable.
    * Most device have sounds and LED light setup. LED light greatly affects the secrecy. If the device comes with regulators lower the sound, cover light with ring finger. With practice the process can become smooth and effortless.
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    kayakiit reacted to cany in what you find more appealing about vaping ?   
    Coolest thing about vaping for me is being able to walk up a flight of stairs and not needing a paramedic when I get to the top
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    kayakiit reacted to bcartervol98 in what you find more appealing about vaping ?   
    I find the coolest thing about vaping is I have been over two years without a cigarette. 
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    kayakiit reacted to Tam in 2 side effects I am experiencing from vaping   
    The first thing I'd suggest is to change the coil to a new one. I find that, when my coil is getting gunked up it tends to make me cough.
    If you're vaping less and getting cranky, then try a juice with a little more nicotine in it. That will give you the same amount of nic while vaping less that you got when you were vaping more. Does that make sense?
    Good luck, and let us know if any of this works for you!
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    kayakiit reacted to AnnaWatson in Disposable Vape Pen   
    it is depend upon the usage and quality of the vape pen some have good quality and some have less quality products it is like that the quality and usage formula
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    kayakiit reacted to Juliana laubach in Disposable Vape Pen   
    Here the FAQ about disposable vape pen. 
    Maybe this helps https://wholesale.bidivapor.com/faq/
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    kayakiit got a reaction from cany in Foods or Drinks you like to Vape with   
    Through the past few freezing months I've loved vaping Berry Breeze nic juice while sipping Passion tea by Tazo. The tea is hibiscus and orange-flavored, and the warmth and taste both pair nicely with the fruity vape hits.
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