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  1. I mostly used vape most with my meat deals and finds more enjoyable for me to do vaping after the meal it increases my vaping results that's my opinion not be suitable for all of you.
  2. Eat yogurt before the test your test don't show any smoking or nicotine factors in test :D
  3. I wonder to know that you lose weight i quit smoking but i don't lose my weight or even my friends who quit smoking with me they also don't lose their weight
  4. No its not the big issue every thing that we increased their consumption in start they start some discomforts by the passage of the time you may be adjusted with the amount and quantity of vape
  5. Vape is a digital product every product have some limitations, the vape is crushed under your weight and need to be treated with suitable solution in my opinion the red light tells you about any damaging condition inside vape or may be some part collapsed by your weight
  6. Hey I thought you must be a promoter of this product because you explain this with covers all the factors and ingredients which shows you must be loved this or you may be the vape lover with lot of knowledge of products
  7. Nope i never tried this before the vaping industry is developed day by day rapidly so its difficult to follow up all the products and choices that present in the market.
  8. Short out security: if a heap short out is distinguished, the white LED light will streak multiple times and the battery will consequently close down the yield. 3
  9. The NORD 2 performs brilliantly well, with great flavour and vapour production. Pretty much as easy as it gets. The push fit coils, magnetic pods, simple power adjustment and easy to read screen make this a winner.
  10. I have not a single from these gift me one so i tried by myself :)
  11. I recently searched on this i found that it has Ratings of 5 - with positive of ‎2 reviews -with the amount of approximately ‎US$9.99 now after your comment i also want to purchase this.
  12. I never tried an online buying of liquids give me your worthy suggestion on this it is worthy to buy online from this?
  13. It is amazed to see how flavors ban without any reasoning
  14. No i never face that issue before or not any of my friend facing this issue i think you have a problem with liquid or vape smoke.
  15. it is depend upon the usage and quality of the vape pen some have good quality and some have less quality products it is like that the quality and usage formula
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