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    VapeMama got a reaction from Walt in Happy New Years   
    Happy New Year to all!
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    VapeMama reacted to Foofightervapegirl1 in Mother's day fruit explosion   
    So I got bored today and ended up with this:
    1 mil juicy orange capella
    1 mil raspberry  loranne
    1 mil dragonfruit TFA
    3 mil cranberry TFA
    1 mil sweetener
    That's in a 60 mil bottle. At 70/30  yum! Happy Mother's day Mama's I hope you like it like I did. As I am really awful at Math I didn't do the percentages. Happy Mother's day!
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in What have you mixed today?   
    Glad you like it!!  It's one of my favorites.  Always seems to hit the spot!
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    VapeMama reacted to Tam in vaping   
    First of all, we don't kick people off the forum just because we assume they're underaged. If you don't understand their question - no matter how much it might not make sense to you - that's on you. I understood it perfectly well.
    Everyone is welcome here.
    Even you.
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Walt in Question!   
    Like Walt, I use Wizard Labs for flavorings, but have been thinking of trying Bull City Flavors. I use Wizard for Nicotine since we don't use all that much. My PG and VG also come from Amazon.
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    VapeMama reacted to FXRich in Question!   
    I mix a juice for a friend, he likes a butterscotch menthol mix, we finally settled on 3% menthol, which he thinks is perfect for him. Some people use mint instead of menthol, everyone is different and like different things.
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Walt in Question!   
    @Walt Hey thanks.
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    VapeMama reacted to Earthling789 in Gonna Be a Papaw REAL soon!   
    We just got back from visiting them over the holidays... she's getting so big and is starting to want to play and trying to crawl!
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Smok V8-Baby-T6 coils with Max VG   
    Hey, Welcome!  
    Thanks for taking the time to write that out.  Great info!  Smok sold a lot of beasts, baby, big, and monster, and there are always posts asking about issues surrounding them.  It is great to see this post with a scenario and especially a resolve!  Reviewers are obviously always racing to get the new product on screen and then the products are never mentioned again.  Information like this are invaluable to owners of devices.  Very well defined and easily understood write up.  Bravo!  
    Keep commin back!!! 
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Tam in Today is baking day!   
    Cookies in the oven. I am baking cookies, cookies, cookies! My Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are done and the first pans of Chocolate Chip are in the oven now. Next up will be the the chocolate chip recipe with Craisins instead of chocolate chips.
    All of us nurses at work have teamed up to make the nurses aides' Christmas gifts. A couple of weeks back we decorated plates with fabric to put a variety of cookies on, for all of them for Christmas.The plates will be made up on Thursday, ready for our unit Christmas party on Friday. The aides appreciate that the gifts are handmade
    There may or may not be 4 dozen of each kind...... just sayin'. I gotta sample you know for quality control purposes!
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Today is baking day!   
    I'll be there at 6!
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Hey there   
    Nothing stupid there at all.  Sounds like an excellent build.  Can't wait to see the pictures!  And ya, this place is a little quiet especially during nice weather when folks can be out and doing other things.  I can assure you however, the quality of the folks here is tops!  
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Walt in Happy Black Friday Score?   
    Flavor restocking from Wizard Labs since they had 20% off entire order today. My discount ALMOST paid the shipping.
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    That's hilarious.  I love it!  The smurf cakes are fantastic!!!!  Workin on my first 120ml batch right now.  I screwed up the other day and left my vapin "day bag" at home.  Bought a little commercial juice to get through the day.  Yuck!  How did I ever vape before dyi?  I've come to realize with friends like you I'm spoiled.  We're pumpin out some premium vapes dude! 
    We be da elite!  Ya  Dat wat we be!  You don't be vapin till ya vape like me!  Grampa Walt's vape rap.  Move over Rip Tripper!  
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    VapeMama reacted to mattythornton in Grampa Walt's Apple Pie   
    Looks like the boys at worked liked the tweaks Walt my man. I did end up adding 1.5% Vanilla Custard and inadvertently bought Vanilla Bean Gelato instead of ice cream so slight sub there. But that bottle was full at the start of the night. That's 2 * 30mls sold and 2 "can I pinch a tank" and now I need to make more again. Think I need to whip up bigger batches.
    And a little shout out to you for the help with the recipe. How did u go with Smurf Cakes?
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    VapeMama reacted to FXRich in Decisions, decisions!   
    NC also works for Kanthal, but the temp setting has to be very low or it will be too hot. Not something I do regularly, but have tried it.
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Decisions, decisions!   
    Bravo!!!  Don't sweat the 100W setting on the mod.  It will only be at that power setting for literately milliseconds at the beginning of a vape and then substantially lower as the mod takes over using the TC.  I'm so glad you tried it.  I find that I can create a lot of fog as well because the vape is so smooth I can keep on drawing as long as I like just letting that fog mount up.  
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Finally!   
    Sounds great!!!
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Walt in Newbie Vaping Has Serious Question   
    @Walt the phix is a pod system similar to the Juul.
    @drainscopes I don't know how high the nicotine level was in the pod he had on there, so my guess is that it was probably a reaction to nicotine since you said you haven't smoked in a while.   You'll probably be fine.
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    VapeMama got a reaction from michellesully72 in 6 months cigarette free!!!!   
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Tam in Poison   
    I agree with the others who commented. Get the testing done, ask your doctor questions etc. I've not experienced any of these symptoms in nearly 4 years of vaping.
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    VapeMama got a reaction from Walt in Lock the doors! Stay inside!   
    For sure. Been hearing sirens all evening. Praying for the safety of our police/firemen/first responders tonight.
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    VapeMama reacted to Earthling789 in Too harsh   
    @Tam and @Walt are correct...  Increasing the volume of creamy flavors (Vanilla, Malted Milk, Cream, Ice Cream, etc.) will reduce the "bite" of the fruit flavors.  Like Walt, I've found that certain brands of fruit flavors are much harsher than others, and some of the "candy" flavors are very citrus-acidic and artificial tasting (just like Tam said).  I also prefer Capella and TFA (The Flavor Apprentice) fruit flavors over others.... CAP are some of the best IMO...
    I would also suggest lowering the candy flavor (or eliminating it all together) and play with the ratio of Blueberry and malted-milk/ice-cream flavorings until you find the right balance.  Mix in 5ml - 10ml batches until you find the ratio you like best... then you can make gallons if it if you wish  
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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Starting a new mod company.  Calling it Last Vape.

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    VapeMama reacted to Walt in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Wow!  Get down foo!!!!  You go girl!  DYI is the only way to go! 

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