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Can I just say.......

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It is SO wrong I have to use the smokers lounge here at Vegas airport.


nasty!   I'm not one of them!!  (anymore, haha)


How everybody has a great holiday weekend.




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Back in the day when I was sill smoking I had a lay over there. The smoker's lounge was a smelly mess then, I can't imagine how bad it would be now. They need to give all the walls a good scrubbing, the ceiling tiles replaced, and the carpet a shampoo several times over and put in a better ventilation system to draw the smoke out.

Nice seeing you again, Bebop!

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Hi Tam!

Yes, it's still every bit as disgusting...BUT,   half of the "smokers" were vapers so, some consolation.   I've sort of forgotten what it's like to be around smokers.  Everyone in my circles has either quit or converted to vaping. 

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