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  1. Thank you my friend!
  2. Walt

    E juice burning my throat

    Everybody's different, but 16mg of nic would burn my throat for sure. It also makes sense that 20mg nic salt would be better, as salts are much smoother on the throat.
  3. Walt

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    My pleasure. If the Vaporesso NRG coils will really fit they are pretty nice coils.
  4. Walt

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    Maybe this has something useful: http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/t/baby-beast-and-big-baby-beast-coil-compatibility-list/200107
  5. Walt

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    I have read and heard about a lot of coils that are compatible, unfortunately I don't use any Smok products and don't remember. You could try some google searches for smok compatible coils maybe?
  6. Walt

    Help with Baby V8 T8 coils

    Looks like @Bebop is doing a great job of getting you through this. Just as a couple of side notes: 1. Smok coils often are flaky. We get a lot of problems here with them. 2. Sometimes a mod will not read a new coil. One thing you can try is to fire the mod with no coil a few times and see if it indicates no atomizer. This may help it read a new coil when you put it on. 35 Watts into a .4 Ohm coil causes the mod to put out about 3.74 Volts. If the mod doesn't read the new coil and puts that 3.74 volts into a .15 ohm coil it will be developing about 93 Watts.
  7. I got it out it was a piece of rubbery material to support the glass when they're shipping it I believe Thank you! I was hoping it wasn't another invasive species from China.
  8. Ok, this one is buggin me too. Does it move? Do you feel it is watching you? Please do get back with us and let us know what that is!
  9. Lol, that part of the video pretty well speaks for itself.
  10. Walt

    Three new recipes

    Groove! Gotta try the Apple lemonade!
  11. Thank you @cany! Real close in shape.
  12. Welcome to VT! I don't have that device so I'm reluctant to say much. I'll say this much, I have an HCigar WarWolf with what I believe to be a similar chipset and it isn't much good for temperature control. Some mods do not require the user to lock the resistance and do display the dynamic resistance of the atty and do wonderful temperature control. I would judge the unit more on how it performs in temperature control than what it displays regarding resistance. Hope this helps a little.
  13. All are pretty new devices. I've had the Legend maybe a couple of months. Here's that tank: https://www.elementvape.com/vaporesso-cascade-baby-sub-ohm-tank
  14. Wow, don't know of anything today that has a 10 year warranty except custom builders. I have two mods that would fit the bill. The GeekVape Aegis Legond and the Teslacigs XT. Both are pretty hardy. The best subohm (not RBA) I have had to date is the Vaporesso Cascade Baby. Amazing flavor if you use the mesh coils. Does not leak.
  15. Walt

    “Best” Coil setting?

    Every coil is different. Some coils come with a pretty decent recommended range, while others are way off. Sometimes I'll look at the recommended range and start maybe 20 watts lower and work up, or down if it's already too much power. You'll get the hang of it all as you go along. Some e-juice's perform best when initially hit with a fair amount of power as that is where the flavor is most intense. Others will "layer" as the coils heat up producing different flavors at different temperatures.
  16. Walt


    It's most likely just the e-liquid vaporizing. As long as it doesn't spit out the drip tip or produce a hot or burnt flavored vape you're probably fine. It is something a new fresh coil does sometimes. To some folks it's music to the ears as the coil is very efficient at making vapor.
  17. Welcome to VT! Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Provari, so I don't know what you are trying to replace. It is a holiday weekend though and there may be a lot of sales. Good luck!!
  18. Walt

    I think I F’ed it up

    Bravo! Get back on the horse! That's how it's done.
  19. Walt

    I think I F’ed it up

    Lol, I'm sure we've all done similar, I know I have. Had one that the coil was shorting out on the top of the chamber. Took me forever to figure that out. Came real close to throwing one of my best atties in the landfill.
  20. Walt

    I think I F’ed it up

    Well first off, You have the coil connected to both positive connectors. Not sure how you're getting any resistance reading. You need to turn the coils 90 degrees and have one end of the coil connect to a positive post and the other connect to a negative post. From the pic, it looks like the insulator is still in tact so I'm guessing the atty is fine except for a little arc blemish. A friend of mine built one up and didn't notice a tiny clapton wire touching the edge of the atty. First fire the thing light up like a flash bulb. Really neat little light show. The atty was fine.

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