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  1. A greater nicotine percentage will give you more throat hit. Greater percentage of PG will also help a little. Some flavors also are more harsh than others.
  2. Spending money...

    Happy Birthday! Know nothing about the rebel or anarchist but the goon is pretty good. I just picked up the Icnoic by Vandy Vape. It's my favorite bf at this point. Flavor beast.
  3. I want to get a mod but....

    You can vape zero nicotine juice in any tank you like.
  4. good mods

    Yup, that's the beauty of a good thread. Lots of good ideas come out.
  5. Ejuice

    6mg is twice as strong as 3mg. You might want to try 12mg to get more nicotine. If you mix equal amounts of the 3 and 6 you will get about 4.5mg. Somewhere between the 3 and the 6.
  6. good mods

    Good call, I'll do that too. I was beginning to worry a little. No breaks, but I'm starting to see stress cracks.
  7. good mods

    Tomorrow I will give that a go! Would love to get it working in TC mode.
  8. good mods

    Glad I caught this. How do you have yours set for TC? I tried it on one and the vape was whimpy. I'm guessing 50°F or better low. I'd love to use it in TC. Been just using VW since I first tried it.
  9. Primero 30mm RDA

    First, is your wicking away from the airflow tubes? That is the most common cause. Wicking sitting against the air intake tubes will often leak. If no, remove your cotton, put the atty on some kind of stand and fill the bottom with water. See if you can determine where the leak is occurring.
  10. Mooch is now doing videos!!!

    I find the most expensive and most cumbersome part is the lighting. I should add that I do it as a hobby so my time is not a factor.
  11. This is huge! Mega Groove!
  12. Bad after-taste

    A lot of folks use it but all of our taste buds are different. There are a lot of different wicks you can use unfortunately the rigors of testing them all are a pain. I use Japanese cotton pads but I can't promise you'll like them any better. Some folks prefer synthetics and yet others swear by hemp. The hemp option is rugged to source. It generally comes in pillow case quantities. Some people just use cotton balls, lol. That part that resonates with me is that you get 15 or 20 good vapes before the unwanted taste surfaces. This points directly toward lack of e-juice on the cotton or more over the cotton not replenishing the e-juice adequately. Since you have tested that and found it not to be an issue, I'm stumped. Hang in there! There are more experienced vapers in this forum that may just have the key to this enigma!
  13. Bad after-taste

    I guess I don't either. As long as there is enough juice and airflow present and the power is not to great, there is really no other reason for this oddity.
  14. Bad after-taste

    Looks like @Tam might be busy for a bit. She is better at this kind of thing than I am but in the mean time here are a couple things to try / think about. 1. When you start getting that "taste" after the 20 ish hits, pop the top of the atty and check the cotton. Specifically next to and in the coil. Is it well saturated? The limitless has a long distance to wick and if the cotton is too thick they can dry out a bit. If the cotton is getting dark brown or black it is singing. That makes for a bit of a nasty vape. 2. The limitless produces a lot of fog. Do you think your mouth could be drying out? Lots and lots of water while vaping is the answer to that. Personally, I'm weird, diet coke does it for me. 3. If your wicks are cut high, are you tilting the atty long enough between vapes to allow the cotton to wick properly. I guest last thing I can think of, which is a long shot, is this a new liquid? It may just have an after taste that comes through after vaping a bit.
  15. Mechanical mod and ohms

    Amen! And the progression is ludicrous. One mistake and someone burns half their face off. The talking head on MSLSD sells more cokes by screaming "Vaping is Bad". Ten thousand more sheeples plod around droning "Vape bad, bad vape". I get to deal with some impromptu lecture from church lady during a leisurely stroll around the block. Senator Numbnuts seizes the opportunity to tax vape gear at 75%. Just peachy.
  16. Mechanical mod and ohms

    Lol, entirely possible. The only place I see our approaches differing is that I am very reluctant to do the math and give specific answers. There is so damn much involved with these batteries regarding safety. We've got re-wraps out there, completely bogus specs out there. There's battery sag, and of course that 100°C line where thermal runaway can occur. I would much rather the person went to school the way we did and get a rounded education.
  17. Mechanical mod and ohms

    Why fully charged battery has 4.2V if theres only 3.6V on vtc5, i do not understand that? :/ 18650 Batteries can charge up to 4.2V and produce that when first put into a mod. They will spend most of their life around 3.6V as that is the "nominal" voltage. Obviously 4.2V will pull more current. It's all about safety with a mech mod. There are no electronics protecting the mod.
  18. Mechanical mod and ohms

    By the way this is a good answer and i am glad that you answered like this, thank you) You are very welcome! Mechanical mods can be very enjoyable and produce wonderful vapes. That is what I wish for you to have. Understanding the physics that make that happen is the best way to get there.
  19. Mechanical mod and ohms

    I'm going to do you a huge favor and not answer that. You have to understand what you are doing with a mech mod. Learn how to use this site: http://www.steam-engine.org/wirewiz.html Study this: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/blog-entry/14-ohms-law-explained-for-vapers.6293/ Use this to find accurate amp ratings for batteries: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/blog-entry/list-of-battery-tests.7436/ Use google and read up on "mechanical mod safety"
  20. Mixing batteries in rx200

    @Squid nailed it for you. Not good practice. Will you have a catastrophic failure? Probably not. Most will go as far as to "marry" batteries, all the same make and model, all the same age, all always charged together. Many mods will refuse to operate if they sense the batteries are too different in charge levels. And yes, the batteries you are using will discharge at different rates.
  21. Nope, the standard first version of the Revenger. Two 18650 series mod. I think Vaporesso is really upping their game. @gadget That is one of the cutest little atties I have ever seen. Love short atties like that.
  22. Vape

    Doesn't work like that. Nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream differently with the two delivery systems. Ya kinda have to ditch stinky thinkin and start thinking vape. Folks generally find somewhere between 6 and 24 mg of nicotine satisfying. Everybody is different. Nicotine concentration levels will also vary with how you vape e.g. MTl, DL, plus ohm, sub ohm.
  23. Gonna Be a Papaw REAL soon!

    What a doll! Love the smile!!!
  24. I'm impressed with this one. Very comfortable in the hand. Comparable to the G Class in size. Sweet rocker style fire button. Sleek understated aesthetic. TC that rivals Yihi and DNA. 350 puffs at~ 2.5sec, 400°F, .5Ω build.

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