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  1. Here: https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-early-firmware-and-escribe-suite/ Tested it and it does work just fine.
  2. Walt

    Battery heating up

    Both of you are right on target. It still boils down to too much power and or too little resistance. I just happened to catch this one when it came out. Surprised me that GeekVape would make a mech Squonk. Not what I'm used to seeing from the Geek. A friend of mine also bought one. Which reminds me: @NephSF, make sure you keep the brass piece that is part of the switch and touches the 510 connector clean. It can arch and cause the device to perform poorly.
  3. Walt

    Battery heating up

    Sorry about the delay, This is a mech or mechanical mod. It has no circuit board and no safety protections. It is basically a battery, a switch, and the coil you build. The only safety protection you have is your knowledge of electrical characteristics of the coil and the battery. The understanding of both Ohm's law and Watt's law are necessary. Please start with watching the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePHh3NMvu3rW2LFJeOWo-Q This gentleman is known as battery mooch and is probably your best source for learning what you need. After gaining an understanding of the physics involved you can use this website to assist you in designing coils for the device: http://www.steam-engine.org/wirewiz.html The kit you have can be a wonderful device but it can also be hazardous if you do not know what you are doing.
  4. Walt

    Battery heating up

    Ok, I'll comment more later as I have little time right now. Don't use it with the battery getting hot. There is a very good probability that the RDA is drawing too much current. This has the potential of ending up with a catastrophic failure where the battery can vent and even flame.
  5. Update: GeekVape came through and I believe is doing the right thing. I have been informed that engineers are looking into the incident. That is the best I can anticipate. They took care of the case without challenge or exception to my investigating the problem as well.
  6. Thank you @cany. The way it happened it was no threat. Glad it happened that way.
  7. Thanks! I have to apologize up front, I know of no way to simply answer your question. Regulated mods, as apposed to mech mods, are fairly sophisticated devices. It is common for a two battery mod to be able to produce up to and even a little more than 200 watts but that is conditional. The batteries along with the electronics in the unit achieve this together. It really would not be accurate to say that each battery produces 100 watts. Most single battery regulated mods achieve somewhere around 75 watts.
  8. You nailed that! Exactly! This scenario has the potential to be catastrophic. I also wonder if there is a chance this could happen while the mod is unattended. Glad it wasn't in my pocket. That would have just burned my arse!
  9. Walt

    E juice burning my throat

    Did you read this thread by chance? Many things can cause this. Too much power applied to the vape, a pg/vg ratio that you find intolerable, a flavor you find intolerable, a dry coil, a dry throat, or something else going on at the moment can all cause this symptom.
  10. Walt


    Great advice. Vaping is a healthier alternative to the nasty addiction of smoking.
  11. Walt

    New here

  12. Walt

    HI I am Blair

  13. Walt

    Hi Everybody!!

  14. Thank you sir! Truly appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment. I've got a whopping 30 subscriptions now! Figure one of the manufacturers will ask me to start touring with them at vape shows any day, lol.
  15. Walt


    Very cool! I've seen it for sale at a lot of places and always wondered about it.
  16. Walt


    Very nice!!! How's the flavor?
  17. Walt

    New to box mods

    It's very hard to find the full specifications of x baby coil heads but I don't believe any of them are made with coil wire that can be used for temperature control. Most folks use rebuildable atties with stainless, nickel, or titanium wire with TC.
  18. Thanks for watching!! I really like that mod.
  19. This is the best I can find: Coil Specifications: GT Coil Family GT 2 0.4 Ohm Clapton Style 40 to 80W 55 to 65W Recommended Range GT 4 0.15 ohm Clapton Style 30 to 70W 45 to 80W Recommended Range GT 6 0.2 ohm Clapton Style 40 to 100W 70 to 90W Recommended Range GT8 0.15 ohm Quadruple Vertical Coils Clapton Style 50 to 110W 60 to 80W Recommended Range GT CCELL 0.3 ohm Clapton Style 15 to 40W GT CCELL 2 0.3 ohm 35 to 40W GT Mesh 0.18 ohm 50 to 85W GT 2 is one coil, 4 is two coils, 6 is 3 coils, and 8 is four coils. All vertical and all K1 as far as I know. The C Cells are ceramic. And of course the mesh is just that. I have only tried the GT8 and the mesh. I prefer the mesh for flavor out of the two.
  20. Oh lord. I think I have done it again. It's hittin the spot. Now I have both shineyitus and mad lab disease. 70/30 VG/PG 6% Nic 4% Dragonfruit TFA 7% Apple TFA 2% Pineapple TFA
  21. Wow! You are really gettin down on this mixing thing! That looks great!

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