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  1. My mod just keeps saying no coil detected, any suggestions????
  2. I let it sit for like a hour or more. And i have it set at around 55. Its popping so bad it scares me. None of my other tanks do this, i can't figure it out. It's a falcon tank, so it's a nice tank. Any suggestions??
  3. Thank you very much!! I didn't see the video where he opens it up though, this was just a video on the actual mod and how to use voice thing, is there another video that you know of where he actually opens up the mod?
  4. Thanks, ya it's not the tank, I've tried several tanks, they all just spin. I'm guessing I've stripped it or something. There are 4 screw on top of the mod, but of course I can't find a screw driver that small to open it. I'm just sad that it's so new and can't use!!! Thanks for replying!!!
  5. My ijoy avenger is not working properly, it is only saying no atominizor, my tank won't tighten up, just keeps spinning. It's a new mod, maybe have had a month. Any ideas on what I can do or am I just f&$_&d????
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