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  1. Good article! Everybody I know who vapes is yawning and happily vaping away. But maybe that's because they know I make juice...
  2. they may ban flavored juice. but they can't ban the flavors. no way.
  3. excellent point, Rich. Let me know if you hear anything.
  4. I try to stay away from Facebook. It reminds me of how crazy my friends are.
  5. Banning flavors.....yeah, because, you know, vaping strawberry cream just doesn't hit the spot like a good ol' Lucky Strike!!
  6. Everybody who thinks banning flavors is going to end this medical crisis raise your hands! .....yeah, I thought so.
  7. Any day now they'll be announcing that WE 'RE responsible for global warming...
  8. There is a good article at Vaping 360 on this titled: Vitamin E Acetate Products Investigated in THC Oil Deaths While I am saddened by what I consider an intrusion of drug dealers in to the vaping foray, it is important to put out the word that vaping cannabis is a wild frontier territory marred by illicit drug sales and can be very dangerous. And the young are particularly prone since they cannot acquire products legally.
  9. boy they are really going after it... now they are lumping ANY lung illness with anyone giving a history of vaping which is drawing in unrelated cases. old people with pre-existing conditions, etc but if they have vaped they are suspect. but we knew this was going to happen. Can we please get a doctor to step forward and testify? Let's use some science and some common sense. IT's NOT THAT HARD!
  10. thank you for taking care of that post....
  11. congrats you are in the road to a healthier life style. first some tips. Vaping is different from smoking so stick with it. dont let the initial difference throw you back in to smoking. Make sure you spend the money to get something that performs well. dont accept a "cheap" shortcut. pony up for quality gear from a reputable supplier. there are many out there. visiting a vape shop, if you can, can help with selection. You want something easy to use and maintain that is satisfying. Now for some questions - what did you smoke and how much? be honest with yourself on this. it's really helpful so as to steer you in the right direction. Do you need to have a battery that lasts for hours or do you have regular access to charging handy to you all day? Would you prefer something that tastes like tobacco? How handy are you? would you mind something that is a little fuss or di you need something that is load and vape with no fiddling? these questions can help us recommend something.
  12. Yep. not surprised. Thanks for that Tam. That's all we need is more reason to crush the greatest harm reduction tool on the planet. Ever get the idea the FDA is really not looking out for us? Haha
  13. It's definitely the cheese... I have the same basic endorsement. My lungs are healthier today than they were 6 years ago and I have not heard of any complaints from many others that I got off cigs oh so long ago. I'm hoping some honest investigation will find the root cause of this. It really shouldn't take more than a cursory scientific test to determine the actual cause of this. And it wouldn't surprise me some uncaring, unscrupulous drug dealer slipping unvapable products in for the kiddies. Sad and criminal, really. I hope it gets sorted out before somebody does die over this.
  14. Milwaukee vaping .... Now let me just say right off that I'm open to actual evidence and arguements that "vaping" caused this but I find this very suspect. I know it's very early and there will be more FACTS coming after this initial hysteria. Im having trouble finding any objective data on this, probably because it is early in its announcement. Has anybody seen any news on this that ISN'T heavily slanted by the anti vaping community? I find it odd that vaping has been around for a long time without incident. And now "teens" in Wisconsin are suddenly suffering from lung disease. AND with the recent ramp up of THC vaping I find this interestingly coincidental. I look forward to more honest reporting and fact finding on this but I think I know where this is headed........
  15. is it a "snakeskin" tip? there are other accounts of this happening too. clean it and replace with delrin or something
  16. looks like it screws in to the atomizer. make sure your atomizer is seated properly and the glass is seated properly.....that's about all I can think of off hand
  17. this device is pretty complicated for a noob. but I hope this helps. the short answer is you have to hold down the button for 10 seconds before you take a hit OR, hit the button twice rapidly then wait 10 seconds and the flash, then hold the button while you take a hit. hope this helps:
  18. Hi Tam! Yes, it's still every bit as disgusting...BUT, half of the "smokers" were vapers so, some consolation. I've sort of forgotten what it's like to be around smokers. Everyone in my circles has either quit or converted to vaping.
  19. It is SO wrong I have to use the smokers lounge here at Vegas airport. nasty! I'm not one of them!! (anymore, haha) How everybody has a great holiday weekend. Mike
  20. coils build up deposits with use which can't be washed off with soap. These are byproducts of the ingredients of the juice. it can also get in your cotton and won't fully wash out. I have never been able to "wash" a coil and have it perform better. I've never tried a sonic cleaner but I would recommend distilled water as tap water can leave unwanted deposits too. If you can take apart the coil, remove the cotton, then burn off the deposits and clean and then rewick with new cotton, I have had some success with this but not all coils will allow for this and I don't know if that's an option with the Tfv8. the only other way I know is to get a tank with a rebuildable atomizer and learn to make your own coils.
  21. you have to cut it with something less than 3mg otherwise you're fighting a losing battle. If I understand you correctly, you cut 80 ml with 20 MLS of 18mg which gave you about 100mls of 6mg juice. adding more 18mg is just going to increase its strength
  22. Bebop


    also, what battery are you using?, are you using dual batteries?
  23. Bebop


    I'm concerned that you feel you are not getting enough at 65 watts..... is your airflow open?????
  24. Tug! WTF?? How you been? Please tell me life is good. welcome back.
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