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  1. I don’t even know what day or time it is.... I'm in Florida now. It’s pretty much stay at home. All but “essential” businesses are closed, schools and malls closed. But there are still a lot of people out and about. Lots of masks. It’s weird. I personally am devistated. I am a music teacher full time no more. I’m building up an on-line business on the side. My wife is lucky, she gets to work from home and it’s saving us. There are a few reports of cases in my area but it’s mostly southeast, Miami area hit the hardest. My new hobby is fishing. There is a lot of time for that. Most in my family are doing fine and can work from home. We’ll all get thru this but it looks like another month at least. I really feel for the families suffering thru this. There are many not so lucky and deeply impacted by this. Hang in there, folks. We’ll make it. I don’t know a single person afflicted with the disease but bless them all.
  2. It's a little frustrating. I cant find anything describes details but it appears it's just for vaping retailers in New Jersey and probably includes on line activity with any retailers operating inside New Jersey. learn to make your own juice. It's pretty good and not hard to do and WAY cheaper. WAY.
  3. this product and coil is designed for CBD. Is that what you want?
  4. one whole county in my area has now banned ALL vape products (for sale)
  5. So glad you made it back and off the stickies!
  6. That's right. These commercials are just a regurgitation of the fake news stories.
  7. Boy, the anti-vaping commercials are poring it on thick in my parts. It's outrageous and qualifies as fake news
  8. yikes! well, it may be 0 nic for me soon, anyway. My wife and I are down to 1.5mg now anyway but if they do the same for flavoring......grrrrrrrrrrr
  9. beautiful... criminals, all. this is outrageous thanks for posting!
  10. Haha. I remember that we've had our share of geniuses.
  11. people might be hacking their cartridges too, with whatever they can find in the kitchen cupboard......
  12. The latest CDC report 26 dead and 1200 ill. but then they say only 75% confirmed THC. so, what, the other 25% are liars?...... of course, I'm being facetious, I have no doubt that some of the deaths may have involved vapers with pre-existing health issues and were nowhere near THC. but I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers are fudged here. I just watched a news interview with a couple who's college age daughter got I'll "by vaping" - 5 minutes of the girl's parents professing the innocence of their sweet little girl and when the interviewer pressed further, "oh well, there was that one time when we caught her vaping THC but we believe her that she is not doing it now"......right..... I don't want it to seem like I have no sympathy for these people who are actually suffering from this. I do. It's a terrible tragedy. But the truth will set us free (get ti the bottom if this). Is that too much to ask?
  13. California is much like Michigan in that regard. It's appaling. I'm glad to be leaving. I've been here my whole life and I love the state but it's politics are out of control now and it's entirely too far left for my moderate tastes. I feel a great deal of sympathy for those who may have benefitted from the vaping movement and will now likely struggle. The push to drive it underground will no doubt create tragedies to come. I will help as many others as I can, but geez, the bureaucracy is reactionary and misguided. pisses me off too.
  14. oh yeah, why aren't we banning sugar? why aren't we banning coffee? forgive me chocolate lovers! ...and mocha lovers (guilty as charged, your honor)
  15. exactly. It's political, not science
  16. Why are people still vaping THC from carts? This is mind boggling to me. Do they live under a rock? What don’t I understand about this problem?
  17. finally some sanity. thanks for both posts, cany
  18. Right now it depends on where you are and, if this federal ban happens. but here's a snap shot of what is happening locally in Michigan...
  19. Get your juice Squid and ride it out. you can make it. Now, If you want to buy a couple packs just to stick it to Cuomo, go right ahead. I'll probably do the same here in Cal, Haha. Btw, I haven't kept up for years but was shocked to find my beloved American Spirits are going for $10/pack recently. Wow! A little ahead of a large Coke at Wendy's
  20. Here is how I think it will go. Any "ban" will temporary. In the meantime, regulation will go in to full swing. Regulations and taxes will go in to place that will be designed to recover the loss of tax dollars from traditional smoking and transfer those taxes and resulting revenues to support and alleviate the debacle from the mishandling of the MSA. Flavors and vape products will return at a great price increase, tougher regulations for sale and distribution and vape products will take their place next to flavored alcohols, marijuana products etc. and we will have another notch in the belt of government imposing taxes without representation ....... and we know where that goes.
  21. Tam to the rescue! cany and I were about to cut our throats......
  22. Good for you, Cany there is a lot of bad chit out there. Right now. I still have hope for The future
  23. I’m curious if lawsuits will intervene in any banning process. the tobacco industry is heavily invested in vaping since the FDA basically handed the industry back to them then sat on their hands. I’m so grateful that I found vaping when I did. I think it saved my life (and my wife). We have been totally smoke free since day one almost 6 years ago. I also think I’m lucky that I invested the time and effort to understand the technology and learn to build coils, make juice and safely practice and customize the vaping experience for us. Today we are practically independent and I have enough gear and resources to last for years to come that will thwart any “ban”. But I am lucky and I feel very sad for anyone new to vaping who may miss this opportunity to get out of the grip of tobacco. We live in strange times where junk science and nanny state politics is throwing the baby out with the bath water. It’s a shame. To add insult to injury, the politicians and nanny groups want to hand it all back over to pharma. I personally want to thank all the vaping advocates who came before me, including Christopher and all the rest who put vaping on the map and gave us an out at an opportune time. I will be forever grateful.
  24. Well, I think it's pretty clear this hysteria on banning flavors has nothing to do with the recent illnesses. We have "investigators" (apparently incompetent, btw) dragging their feet on stepping UP and telling the truth while this hysteria takes hold and anti tobacco groups camping on this hysteria to launch us all back in to the dark ages of smoking. I actually saw a lady on the news state, as if a fact, that vaping leads to cigarette smoking. Of course, this wasnt backed up with a shred of statistics or any evidence. IMHO, banning vaping will be a huge setback for public health.
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