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My name is Mike.  I am a guitar God with a massive ego but also humble and loveable. Everybody loves me, especially my sense of humor.  There's only one person on the planet who doesn't love me but that's just because she's kidding herself.  I love people, except for a few of you.  A few of you I could take or leave. But the rest of you are fine. I have a dog and I walk him responsibly.  I love science fiction and I'm still very upset about the massive blending of fantasy with science fiction.  Let them get their own shelf at the bookstore.  I think UFOs are real although I've never ridden in one.  Don't worry,  I think they would think pretty favorably of me as well. I'm counting on it anyway. Oh yeah, I vape because it's obviously smarter than smoking.  Did I mention I'm smart?

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