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  1. I've done contests in the past which were "guess the amount", Had a huge box of coins once where you had to guess the total $ amount (pic below) A bunch of different vape bottles and people had to guess the total number of ml's, Something like that might make it a little skillful as opposed to just luck. #JustSayin.
  2. I recommend not posting spammy links in your first post but welcome to the forum.
  3. And????? Am I the only one who's missing something?
  4. Well, if your oil is smoking it is probably the time for a valve job on your car. None of the fluids I use contain any oil. #JustSayin
  5. You need to be an approved vendor before you can post. Standby.....
  6. LOL, Those posts were over 4 years ago and brick and mortar stores were not around nearly as much as they are now. But, welcome to VaporTalk Colin.
  7. It is recommended that you use a #12 or higher. #10 is not enough protection. #JustSayin
  8. Just placed an order for 600ml anyway. That should hold me for a month or so.
  9. And mine as well. Not only does Christopher own up if he makes a mistake, he goes out of his way to make it right. Lifetime customer here (from almost the beginning).
  10. I just got mine today (yes, USPS did deliver on a Sunday). As most who know me know I'm old school and still vape a VV ego with ce3's but I'm really digging this tank/coil setup. I'm not a "cloud chaser" but I like the vapor I can produce with this. Plus 1 on this mod @Christopher.
  11. Posting it just because I was mentioned.
  12. I've made 1 0r 2 in my day... http://markspens.com/pg16.htm
  13. Actually, I'm liking the new shipping notifications.

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