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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. While they're not quite what I'm looking for they helped me learn a bit more about the keywords I should be searching for (such as LDPE). As it turns out this kind of bottle is tough to find. And even tougher to find in a slightly larger, but not too large size. And the specific dropper tips are more difficult still. Unsurprisingly these things are also pretty much only sold by wholesalers, who mostly only sell in bulk. All of that being said I did find a few viable sources. 15ml oval bottle: https://www.containerandpackaging.com/products/120/ldpe-oval-bottles/B432, https://www.industrialcontainer.com/product/one-half-oz-natural-ldpe-oval-bottle-15-415-b434/ 15-415 tip: https://www.containerandpackaging.com/products/15/dropper-tip/L502, https://www.industrialcontainer.com/product/15-mm-natural-uncontrolled-dropper-tip-016-orifice-l500/ cap: https://www.containerandpackaging.com/products/17/dropper-tip-caps/L506, https://www.industrialcontainer.com/product/15-mm-white-dropper-tip-cap-l506/ 37ml oval bottle: https://www.berlinpackaging.com/ldpe-plastic-oval-bottles/#product-description 18-410 tip and cap: https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?sku=60187&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhuvlBRCeARIsAM720HqAdZ93p836wPXWU6w_M-yMWLc3Bh43tFUSoO6SmIHLd2zeBD-EMK4aAr93EALw_wcB 37ml bottle with tip and cap: https://www.sks-bottle.com/340c/fin22k.html Cheers.
  2. Hello and long time no see. TL;DR: I'm looking for a place to purchase bottles that are as close the the ones pictured below as possible, or similar but bigger. For years I've been on the hunt for some new bottles to be used as daily squeezers, pocket warriors if you will. My favorite bottles have been these small (15ml), oval-shaped, soft plastic bottles pictured below. I've had these for nearly ten years. If I recall they were originally from pre-made ejuice bottles purchased from the vaportalk store when I first joined this forum in 2010. They have been perfect all this time and still are. The caps and threads are solid. The oval shape has the perfect low profile to fit comfortably and unobtrusively in my pocket along with my other daily carry gear, while still allowing for a decent volume. And the soft plastic and smaller diameter of the one dimension is quite comfortable to squeeze. I was even able to ream out the nozzle slightly to make for a more consistent flow of my thick VG while still ensuring a leak-free cap connection. However I've only ever had about six of them, and as my vaping habits have changed over the years I've found that I wished I had more or sometimes that they were bigger than 15ml. I've tried several other bottles over the years but have never found any I liked as much as these. My latest experiment was these Unicorn 30ml bottles pictured below. The shape is manageable and the doubled capacity is convenient. However they are much stiffer plastic making them uncomfortable to squeeze, tiring my fingers even just to fill a 4ml tank. And even after only one full use they have developed significant creases, so I don't expect them to last very long at all before cracking and leaking. Other bottles I've tried use softer plastic and nozzles that are more similar to my favorite bottles, but are usually still a bit stiffer and sometimes are only suitable for syringe-type tips. Usually I'm only able to find 15ml bottles and anything bigger than that jumps straight up to 50ml. Notably, bottles I've found are always cylindrical, which is simply a much worse shape for the micro-environment that is my pocket. So, is anyone aware of a place that sells soft plastic, oval bottles like the first ones pictured above, in the 15ml to 30ml range? I wouldn't be opposed to buying them with pre-made juice if that's what it takes. Cheers, and thanks for any input, == Matt
  3. Good point about the click-locks I'll keep it in mind, I think as long as she's aware of it, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but we'll see. I don't actually remember exactly what she uses for cartos right now, but the last I remember they were the old original Joye 510 cigalike cartos. I could never stand them, (or any carto) but apparently they work for her. If whatever modern battery solution I settle on is 510 compatible then I will probably let well enough alone and she can keep using what works, but I'm keeping my options open in case that's not plausible. Seems like built-in or device-specific tanks are pretty common with a lot of modern units these days. As for the sig, different sources are likely the case. I seem to recall that I looked a few different sources and went with the most conservative numbers for the purposes of the subsequent math. Thanks, == Matt
  4. Thank you both. I'll take a look at these this week. ;]
  5. Hi folks, I've been vaping for over a decade now, but I'm a very off-the-scene kind of vaper. I find a reliable solution and stick with it until I can't anymore. So I'm hoping the more active people can help me out in this new era. For the moment I'm using Vision Spinner and eGo CTwist batteries, along with 510 e-Smart clear-tanks. For perspective, I bought 6 Spinners and 6 CTwists 18 months ago. Amazingly, I'm still using 4 of the 6 Spinners with no performance problems and haven't touched the CTwists yet. I'm perfectly content to stick with these batteries as long as I can find them, but any alternate recommendations are welcome. However I'm looking for a better tank or all-in-one solution. The e-Smart tanks work alright for me, but they are not easy to fill using the squeeze bottles that I mix my liquid into. Using a bottle with a skinnier tip would make it easier, but 100% VG liquids don't work well with small tips. Moreover, I'm looking to help put together a new solution for my grandmother. ecigs helped her quit smoking and now she vapes with the best of them. But she has no idea about hardware, and has mild Parkinson's, which would make it nearly impossible for her to fill ANY tank. She's been using cartomizers and nothing else. So my primary concern here is finding a modern solution for Gma that is 1) reliable, long-lasting, and very low maintenance, 2) good battery life, 3) safe (battery and e-liquid safety), and 4) is extremely easy to fill, or uses some sort of pre-filled container. Any leads to types, brands, models is very appreciated. I can always do more research once I find a general form-factor that is suitable. But the vast array of hardware out there is a bit overwhelming. Thanks a lot for your time and input, == Matt
  6. Cool cool, thanks Comp! Thanks for the infos Tam. I'll have to check out the HH.357 for my upcoming restock purchase. I nearly always mix my own unflavored liquid. Partially because it's just simpler, and partly because flavors always end up gumming up my attys quicker. In my common, heavy usage, my Joyetech LR 510 attys usually last me a month and a half, give or take, before I get tired of dealing with the performance loss and pitch them. I can really appreciate the attention to detail and enthusiasm and knowledge/experience this guy(s) bring to the product, and the custom, specifically manufactured variations available. Particularly, the fact that they offer precise resistances and even take into account liquid thickness (although I can't really comprehend what they would do different other than tweak resistance to compensate). It would certainly more fulfilling than buying mass produced China stock, although seems overly particular maybe, heh. Personally I'm not real keen on the box style batteries. I tend to always keep my ecig in my shirt pocket, along with liquid bottle, so the eGo is a good size for that, without being too bulky. And any failures don't ruin my day as I can comfortably keep a spare or two in a pocket, along with all my other daily gear. I've made kind of a system over the past couple years or so. I'll buy ~6 batteries of different colors, and use them in rainbow order, so that they each get used about equally. This has worked well for about 3 full rounds now, spanning 1.5 - 2 years. This round is about done though, heh. I certainly put my equipment through its paces, but also keep it in good shape. I tend to have to force myself to quit eeking out the last drops of usefulness in batteries and attys, and just go for a whole new set. Even so I still throw almost everything in a "used" box, cuz, you know, what if I neeeeeed it!?! It's kind of sad at this point
  7. 10 minutes. That's got to be some sort of record. You sir have yourself a small albeit happy sale! Thanks ;] The internet is a great place.
  8. Hi everyone, long time no see! For a long time I've been using nothing but ego pass-through batteries and standard or low-res 510 attys. Back in the day when egos first came out I hated their awful, grating and bulky mouthpieces (and attys). And the standard, round 510 mouthpieces are bulky and not to my liking either. The best replacement I found was the DSE 901 flat mouthpiece, which is significantly flatter and more comfortable than either of the above kinds, and any I've bothered to try since. The subtle, rounded but low-profile lip at the end of this mouthpiece also contributes to its comfort. At one point I bought a whole bunch of these mouthpieces with empty cartridges just to have the mouthpieces. At this point however, years later, I'm starting to run out, and I can't find them for sale anywhere. I'm guessing the DSE 901 style has died out entirely. To be honest, I don't even recognize the vaping equipment scene anymore, what with all the fancy mods and micro-manage-y build-your-own whoseits and whatsits. Anyway, does anyone know if I can find these mouthpieces anywhere still, or if there is a similar, if not identical, replacement, that fits a 510 atty? I would be truly grateful for any info leading me to this end. The attached pic shows the standard 510 round mouthpiece on the left and the DSE 901 flat mouthpiece that I'm seeking on the right, with a 510 atty in the back. P.S. Any general advice on modern, reliable, tried and true equipment, that rivals or surpasses my solid 510+ego battery setup would also be appreciated, as browsing the popular vendors these days almost makes me feel as if I've emerged from under a rock. Thanks, == Matt
  9. Champaign. Sorry as I said all those numbers in my sig are approximations of my brief research online and are meant primarily as an eye opener for those who don't appreciate the potential dangers of ejuice. I am no doctor and couldn't expand upon it.
  10. Illinois member. Haven't been around in a while, but I just stopped in to mention that I just received an email from CASAA announcing a 2013 e-cig survey. I'm no statistics or survey expert, but it was well put-together and sounds like a step forward in getting truthful e-cig information out to the public, directly from e-cig users. Survey link: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/casaa-Z/e-cigarette-use/ ECF post: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/general-e-smoking-discussion/457823-call-action-please-participate-casaa-e-cigarette-consumer-survey-today.html
  11. Nevermind, I should have known to look in the new store's dedicated subforum.
  12. I have to assume this has been asked elsewhere, but I didn't see it offhand, and this seems like a good place to pose the question: So what's the general difference between the two stores? Why wouldn't you just have one, if they're both owned and operated by the same people? Seems a bit fragmented, but I'm sure I'm just uninformed. Also were you aware the T in your logo fell over? You might want to get that looked at. P.S. I assume there was some info on my questions here: http://www.vaportalk.com/forum/forum/forum/topic/11979-new-store/ but the link is broken for me.
  13. Use the copy n paste method. Open the copy n paste link in a new tab in your browser. Compose a new email in Windows Live Mail. Copy the list of email addresses from the page you opened into the new email's To: field, then copy the message subject and body accordingly. Don't forget to sign.
  14. I think this deserves more of our attention. If these legislators don't even know what they are voting for, then we need to make them aware of it. I propose a secondary official email writeup Basically saying "WTF you need to know about this and here's why". I know the original email has links and stuff, but this is kind of enraging, having to email the people who vote on our behalf to explain what they are voting for. It's like, did you even READ that list of things Big Tobacco sent you, or were you just going to copy n paste onto the ballot?
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