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  1. I have a Aegis Solo and run a Cerberus tank and .3ohm Geekvape super mesh x 2 coils. Wonder what is the best atomizer and coil that will taste great and last awhile. Running 43w and using Directors Cut Cold Blooded.
  2. Hello from Georgia. Stopped smoking after 20yrs and started vaping about a year ago. Started with a couple of different cig-a-likes and was ok for a couple of months, and then 3 months ago I decided to buy my a refillable Smok vape pen 22(bad idea) then went to the Aegis Solo(Good Idea) and have loved it ever since. Vaping has really saved me from years of heartache and medical Bill's. Used to cough all the time from smoking but after just a month I could tell a huge difference. I could play softball and not get winded like before and rarely ever cough. Even my doctor said she could tell my lungs sounded 100% better than before.
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