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  1. I think my next Clearo is going to be a top-coil. Seem to be far less of these problems.
  2. I have a Kanger Evod, which is similar to the T2. Generally been happy with it.
  3. Thanks! I just soaked it into some really hot water for a few mins and it came right off. What I'm using right now is the CE5, which I just read is notorious for leaking if you don't fill it exactly the right way. Clearomizers have a ton of advantages, but I've had my fair share of these types of issues with them.
  4. Hey all! So this is a problem I've had with a couple of different types of bottom coil clearomizers. After a few uses, the base portion where the atomizer coil is located will get stuck (making it really difficult to clean out between uses). I think it is because some of the juices will leak through, making it sticky. When that happens, usually the only way I'm able to unscrew it is with a good amount of effort and a pair of pliers, which often leads to some scratching.. Has anybody else run into this problem? Is there an easy / damage free way to get the base unstuck when it happens?
  5. Yeah, the worst thing for me is most of my friends are still smokers (though I have started to get a few of them open to vaping). If I'm being social, I need to have a vaping device with me to get away from the temptation.
  6. Hey all! I just bought an iTazte MVP Variable Voltage unit. I've honestly got to say, this is one of the best personal vaporizers I have ever owned. Vapor production is absolutely fantastic, it's really simple to change the voltage, and the battery has a ridiculously long life. Plus, it can double as a pocket charger for your USB devices should you have them on you, which might come in handy in a desperate situation. The only downside is the unit is about the size of an old iPod, which makes it a little unwieldy on the go. I think I'm mainly going to use this unit when I'm sitting around the house, and use my HotVapes Torpedo when on the go.
  7. I splurged a bit, bought an iTazte MVP. Beautiful variable voltage unit.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I'm planning to be out and about all day today (it is my birthday after all), so I'm going to buy myself an extra battery before I hit the town!
  9. Ugh, it's even worse the next morning when the gunk has been collecting in your lungs overnight. Oh well, lesson learned. Definitely drove home how gross analogs are.
  10. Has that ever happened to you, where you are busy all day and are unable to charge your batteries? Usually I'll at least pick up a 7/11 disposable as a back-up if my battery starts running low, but tonight I didn't have the chance. I was in the company of a bunch of analog smokers, and I lapsed for the first time in months (shame on me). I don't think I ever realized how gross those things were until I started lighting up. I feel so dirty knowing I let that stuff in my lungs. How do you guys deal with the nicotine cravings when you're in situations like that?
  11. Only problem I've had with it is some leakage, but I've heard it's not as bad as other clearomizer models. This is my first one so I can't really compare.
  12. I have a HotVapes Torpedo with a 510 connection, which is very similar to an e-Go. It's definitely compatible.
  13. Blu isn't a bad option for beginners, I used it when I first started vaping. If you have Blu cartridges sitting around, they need not go to waste either, they are compatible with most e-Go batteries (which won't go dead every couple of hours like the Blu batteries do).
  14. Hello and welcome to VT! It is absolutely more cost effective to buy the e-Liquid. A pre-filled cartomizer will probably run you about $6 each online. Since cartomizers including the atomizer and all that in a single unit, chances are a pre-filled carto is only going to last you about a day or two (depending on how frequently you vape). For the same price as a single pre-filled carto, you can buy a whole bottle of juice. A refillable cartomizer will run about $1 or $2, and will last you 1-2 weeks most likely. A clearomizer is an even better option. It's can hold more juice than a carto, it's easy to clean out, and all you need to replace is the atomizer coil every few weeks (also runs about $1-2). Either way, buying your own juice is a heck of a lost cheaper.
  15. I have the Evod clearomizer. I've found cleaning it to be extremely easy so far. You just unscrew the atomizer head, blow out any residual juice and run warm water through it, and it'll last you a good long while. Plus, the atomizer heads are so darn cheap that I figure once they see too much wear and tear you can replace them for about a buck each.

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