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  1. xladybugx

    MtBakerVapor E Juice

    Ahhhh... it's supposed to taste like cough syrup. All I know is some people drink the stuff to get high.
  2. xladybugx

    Howdy from Texas

    At some point you may want to get a second battery if you're wanting to permanently replace analogues/snus with vaping. Waiting for that one battery to charge can suck. Someone mentioned this in another thread recently and made me realize I never thought of it... make sure to back up your charger at some point as well with a second to keep on hand in case it dies. Dead batteries you can't charge suck too, LOL, and I think a LOT of us remember to have back up batteries and devices but NOT backup chargers. I'm not really sure that I agree a mild fruit is the way to go if you're used to analogues. I tried a lot of the more subtle fruit flavors like kiwi and watermelon when I was in the quitting process, and my numbed out taste buds just couldn't taste them (pack a day smoker originally here, Camels). If you do get a subtle fruit flavor like that, I would recommend that you make sure it's mentholated or that you add menthol to give your taste buds a little kick in the butt so they can taste the fruit. Heavy flavors that are slightly bitter/spicy and menthol flavors are probably the best route to go IMHO... also the very sweet heavy flavors might make you sick, so keep it low on the sweetener. Of course, I agree that the tobacco flavors are always a good bet when you're coming off analogues. Welcome to vaping & this forum! The health & pleasure benefits are HUGE with vaping vs. smoking. Congrats on taking your first step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle!
  3. xladybugx

    MtBakerVapor E Juice

    Dream Tea - lightly fruity and sweet with a heavy perfume and just a hint of sour... very nice vape, and "dream" is quite fitting in the name, though it tastes nothing like a tea. I keep trying to pinpoint at least one of the flavors but my taste buds give up, they're not even sure that it's "real", LOL. VERY unique one here, and I can't figure out if it's one I want to purchase again just because I can't seem to figure out if I like the fact it's so ambiguous or not, hahaha.
  4. xladybugx

    What Is Your Voltage Level?

    5v seems to be my overall sweet spot, although with some juices it's more around 4.5v.
  5. xladybugx

    Provari where to buy for best price?

    Don't forget about the clearance section on the ProVape website. I've seen brand new ones complete with the 1 year warranty going for as low as $135 there.
  6. xladybugx

    Least favorite flavor

    Pina Colada and Orange Tic Tac. YUCK! :P
  7. xladybugx

    MtBakerVapor E Juice

    Wow, four shots of 555 flavor in a PG heavy juice? You are a brave man! LOL I only get one extra shot in my 50/50 juice and that's PLENTY strong enough for me. BTW, the term "thug" is discriminatory but not racist. "Thugs" can be of any ethnicity, plus racism = negative discrimination towards another race or ethnicity. There's nothing negative about the term "thug" except what you personally apply to the term. Anyway, I have been curious about the thug juice flavor myself. To add to the list of fave flavors: Mango - I LOVE the mango flavor, I'm vaping my first tank of it now. Tastes just like a juicy mango, with just the right mix of sweet and a little tart. Zinger - Tastes like sweet tea with lemon on the inhale/exhale. Very unique flavor. I think it tastes just like Arizona (the brand, not the state hahaha) sweet tea with lemon. RY4 - Tastes nothing like your standard RY4, but the flavor is just as awesome. A mix of licorice and anise. Lots of other flavors in there too but I can't quite pin them down. Fruit Stripe - Very much one of my all time favorites because it tastes just like my favorite chewing gum as a kid and makes an excellent all day vape. Razzle Dazzle - Blueberry, raspberry, and sour. All around awesome for fans of berries and sour flavors, although it's so sour you can easily get vaper's tongue from it. Clove - Even though I HATE clove cigarettes, I love this flavor because it's a mild clove and not a super strong one like you find in clove cigarettes. Very pleasant and relaxing to vape. I've also got Dream Tea and Berry Treat here, but I haven't tried them yet. Has anyone tried the peanut butter cup flavor?
  8. P.S. you can all continue to bash away all you want, because I am NOT returning to this thread, and if the mods aren't going to do anything about this vendor breaking the forum rules, I'm not returning to this forum period. I've already requested that my account be deleted if this is not taken care of.
  9. I reported this to the mods already. And Jennifer = Patricia... I wouldn't doubt one bit if the rest of you weren't patsies for that company as well, since obviously NO ONE has bothered to read the forum post I just linked to where Patricia admits she's Jennifer. And from now on I'm just reporting this kind of crap when I see it, now that I know how to.
  10. Did no one even LOOK at the link I posted with that? *smh* Until you do, don't even BOTHER posting about it.
  11. xladybugx

    Help with picking juice

    Some flavors you might want to check out over at MBV that are my all day vapes: 555 (sweet/nutty tobacco), RY4 (warning, this is licorice and anise... for more standard RY4 flavor try the 555), Fruit Stripe (tastes just like the gum!), and Zinger (sweet tea with a lemony inhale/exhale, kinda cool). The Pro tank attys are some of the cheapest around. Also cheap are cartomizers, which you can purchase tanks for. Downright cheapest are RBAs (re-buildable attys), but that's for advanced folks. As for batteries, I usually find them cheapest on Amazon, and find protected Li-Ons last a lot longer than IMR since IMR's lack of protection can mean short lifespan if you don't switch out batteries every time you get down to a 30% charge (check your device though to see if it can take them, and also make sure you have a smart charger, as they are slightly more risky than IMR). Plus if you go for the protected Li-Ons you can get the Panasonic 3400mah batteries.
  12. "Pat" or whatever your real name is, I'm beginning to wonder, I'm getting really tired of seeing you pose as a mere VD customer on these forums ("their site"?). Please use full disclosure here and tell everyone that you are the co-owner of Vape Dudes. It won't hurt one bit to simply say you run the business and think your juices are great. Your astro-turfing behaviour here says nothing for your business to those of us that know you. I've watched you post several times here about your site and you always act like you're not one of the owners. I already told you once before in email that it does you no good to lie to potential customers, when you posed as a doe eyed start up small business owner to me. Your profile is fake as well. Maybe other forum members don't notice this kind of crap, but I do.
  13. Yeah, EXACTLY what he said.
  14. xladybugx

    Help with picking juice

    I was just like you on those opinions, and I switched from premium juices ($16+ for 30ml) to MBV about 4 mo. ago... I really liked their juice THAT much. I was really not expecting it to be as good as it turned out, especially since I had tried other cheap juices like the China brands (Dekang, for example) and HATED them. Give them a small test order and see how it goes. I can't promise you'll like it due to our differences in taste, but at $5-$7 for 15ml it can't hurt to at least give it a try.
  15. xladybugx

    Help with picking juice

    One thing I've learned is to ALWAYS turn down the voltage on my devices before letting others have a go at it. They normally hit it like they would an analogue, and that's what chokes them the most. 4v should do the trick for most smokers. PG is what gives throat hit, while VG produces the vapor. Often smokers will hit PG heavy fluid and feel like they're not getting enough "smoke", so they'll hit it harder trying to get the right amount of it... and choke themselves out in the process. So I highly recommend going with a higher VG ratio. I don't know why everyone claims most juices are 50/50 when the ratio isn't labeled on them, but most I have found to be more like a 70/30 or 80/20 ratio of PG to VG. Personally I won't buy from any vendor that doesn't list their ratios, but this is partially due to me being PG sensitive. Which is another thing to watch for when letting someone hit your PV... and another reason why you should give them a higher VG ratio on the juice. Flavor has a lot of impact on TH as well. What is commonly referred to as "crack juice" because they crack plastic tanks (sours, cinnamon, citrus, etc.) usually have the greatest TH as well. I would suggest giving Mt. Baker Vapor's 555 50/50 ratio juice w/ 1 extra flavor shot a chance with your smoker friends. It's a sweet and nutty tobacco flavor that vapes very smoothly on just about any voltage, and I have yet to see someone that didn't like it when giving my device a toot.

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