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  1. Well I have fitted the board just fine, only problem is, I seem to have misplaced the screws to put it together. So, I will have to hunt for them once I catch a break here
  2. I didn't do anything but sand down the finish. It's copper plated steel. Then it's chromed over the copper. I just sanded down the chrome to the copper for a steampunk type look. And I haven't been able to work on it much lately, life's been a bit busy. Hahaha! But this week sometime I'm sure I'll finish it, at least to the point where I can make the button cover later on spare time and have it function for now.
  3. Yep I just started with 400 grit, then moved to 600 and finished it with wet 800. and I'll be adding photos as soon as I get a little further. Don't worry I'm taking pictures all along the way.
  4. Well here is how I looked at it. I didn't use it because I never use protanks anymore, and the extension looked stupid with a 22mm atty. So I could either let it sit there, try and fix it, or sell it. As I'm reluctant to let go of my mods in general, the third wasn't an option, and I was craving a DNA30. so it made it pretty easy!
  5. You are the ******* man!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!'
  6. Well I have been slacking! I haven't touched it since last week. I just got my hands on a real Dremel, so I'm gonna try the channel down the tube, if that fails, I have a fabricator who said he would make me a plate for the front out of aluminum, which would be ultimately easiest, and I could remove said plate for any defects, but, I'll try it my way first for no body modifications.
  7. This is going to sound wrong and really really inappropriate but, f your sitting around, your boxers, bra, or panties will speed it up. The heat helps vastly and even just 15 mins for a few days will help drastically if you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner. You can also do the warm water steep, but I don't like how much it darkens the juice personally.
  8. Nice can I request flat tops? I have button tops, but they don't fit everything.
  9. Those are my nemesis and my origin, they were torched and I love them. Lol. Both are clones and cheap!
  10. Ah the beloved poldiac UMA. Was my first authentic mod. that's the 18500 mode though. I have the 350 pants and tube, but alas no batteries for it. I need some 500 and 350 batteries, comp! You gonna sell them sizes?!?!
  11. I have heard that same voice come through far too many times lol!
  12. Comp that akuma is sexy!!! Just got this in and the brass monkee RDA on top of it.
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