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  1. LavenderWoman100

    where do you vape?

    I am thinking about going to see the New Movie with Johnny Depp! And this Movie Place is ~Posh~ I am wondering since it is Tonto~ Native American Johnny Depp~ I am going to Vape while I watch the movie! Now that will be a Post for sure! I will let all of you know how that goes! It has been so long since I have gone to a Movie place! Oh my! Going to see what happeneds! Savey!
  2. LavenderWoman100

    Vodka wash

    Rince in HOT Water! Then Cold~ Sure works well for me!
  3. LavenderWoman100

    Vaping is a Different World Indeed!

    Hello everyone! I have been smoke free as of 3 1/2 months now! After 35 years of smoking Dangerous Cigarettes for that long,_____________________________I can now say it is Refreshing to Vape a Breath of Fresh Air! Now I am at a 12mg in the mornings with my one cup of strong Coffee & Cream & Cinnamon! The rest of the day I have 2 Juices that are a 6mg~ I switch off and on through out the day! I have a Purple e-Go case! One Charger! 3 different starter T.2 tanks~ One Silver, Green, Purple! Seem that all I need to do now is keep New Wicks when I need to change out, to keep my Vape Smooth & Clean! Only thing now is that I am facing is that I have found a New very ~Posh~ place to hopefully buy a New Vape Juice! They are in California~ Their website is called________Highbrows Vapor~ I read the reviews on their ~Posh~ site~ I want to order their ~Hazelnut Cream~ 12.mg ~30 ML~ Due to the fact that I want to try a New Hazelnut Vape from a different place. And from what I read on their reviews~ It sounds so much better than what I had bought out here in Oklahoma. I am just about out of that and this one has the Cream to go with the Hazelnut~ So that is a Plus! My Question is this: Has anyone here on this Vapor site heard anything about this Place? I have bought my juice at 2 places now here in Oklahoma~ Not really satisfied with this other place I went last week or so. Yes it is a good Vape, better prices, smaller bottles to try, but the Flavior is Not up to Par. I find the Flavior very, very Weak...So I will not be going back. ____________Now the Origional place where I got started is Great and their Juice is full of Flavior! And that is where I bought all of my things I needed to get started. They only sell the 30 ML bottles...Already to buy for it is shipped out like that to all stores... I wish they had the other sizes so I don't have to get burnt out on just that one flavior... ____________So I am in a place now where I found this New site to buy this New Juice~ This is getting kinda Strange if you ask me as far as now wanting a Better Vape with Excellant Reviews~ So there you go~ Stuck with the 3 different flaviors that have no taste, just Blah! But it sure does Vapevery well and the price was very good...But My Favorite place just has that one option. What is a Woman to do who is now a Flavior Vaper~ And now I am seeking a New place to try in California! Just want the Best and I did call California today and spoke with the owner and asked a few questions as well~ He was very nice and I complamented his ~Posh~ Vapor site! It is quite a site I have never seen before~ So Highbrows Vapor~ is where I am going to get this New Hazelnut Cream Juice~ I really want to try this out and it is the first time I have ever ordered online~ Kinda Excited as you can see! So there you are! That is my story for today! And if anyone out here on Vapor E-Talk has ever tried this Juice from this place~ Would you let me know what you think about their Juice? Thank you and I am New to this site so I would really like to get to understand this place as well~ I may be a Newbie here, but I am willing to Learn from others here about the Vaping Experence!

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