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  1. Thank you guys! It's so cool to be a part of this community 😃
  2. Thanks for you answers. But I'm also interested in good mixes that you may recommend. I know how to mix it, but I'm interested what tastes can you mix.
  3. Hello everyone! It's cool to know you here. My name is Adam, with more than 10 years' smoking history. Fortunately I switched to vaping since last year when I just have a baby and had to consider about family health and something like that, thanks to myBlu, the first device that I experienced which I bought occasionally in U.S. During the past months, I collected & tried many of the hot devices(open pod systems) like Aspire, Vaporesso. I've fallen in love with vaping, because it let me feel much better when wake up every morning, you the ex-smokers must know what I'm saying Hope we can discuss about more interesting topics!
  4. I found on some news websites that individuals all reported using vape products or dabbing -- which is the vaping of marijuana oils, extracts or concentrates -- in the weeks and months prior to being hospitalized. They were diagnosed with severe chemical pneumonia, an inflammation of the lungs due to aspirating or inhaling of irritants, according to a press release from the city's health department. I read that Milwaukee issued a health alert urging residents to stop vaping "immediately," after at least 16 people were hospitalized with severe lung disease this month.
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