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  1. My bud says its an old geni tank but I cant find a pic online of it
  2. It came on an Istick pico I got in a box of stuff for free but I cant find it on the net
  3. Sucks it happened but they are some dumb crooks
  4. @Earthling789I had two left over from way back I have to check the box of stuff I got from my friend theres probably more in there
  5. friend gave me all hid vape stuff the other day he had a lot of older stuff I charged up the Istick50 and it worked so Im cleaning up his Naut mini and I put mine on thats been sitting for yrs Im diggin it as @FXRich said good flavor less cloud
  6. 1.6 coil on a Nautilus mini powered by an I stick 50W I wonder if Im gonna continue all the ways back to my Ego C twist
  7. Watts too high for coil?
  8. The connection where the tank screws into the Mod
  9. Maybe a dirty 510 connection then if it works from time too time
  10. Ok took a look the Mod specs make sure your not in TC mode
  11. Will your new Mod fire that low?
  12. could be an OHM Issue with new mod
  13. Just looked the dead rabbit is an RDA correct?
  14. have you tied the tank on a different Mod
  15. Dont open battery clean it from the top where the 510 connection is
  16. Sounds like its sticky try using a Q tip with some alcohol too clean around the pin the try too move it up n down a bit with the tooth pick
  17. Wishing you and yours a happy healthy new year
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