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  1. i actually had this issue before when a niece (whos 9 btw) opened a juice bottle, opened my eyes when I was sleeping, and proceeded to put a couple drops in as if they were eye drops (stinged like a b****) I went to the ER, but they flushed it down with some saline solution and I was on my way out. I think it's alright if it's not that much really, as mentioned, you should just flush your eye out thoroughly
  2. I just found out that my mom has decided to quit smoking and i managed to get her into vaping!!! Shes a little old now but im so glad shes decided to make the switch. anyway, i dont really have much nicsalt advice for her since i started off with an unregulated mod with freebase e juice, so i just wanted to ask you guys if you have any suggestions for nicsalts that taste like marlboro golds??? would appreciate it a lot as I've recently given her my spare caliburn g!
  3. Glad to be here, my name is Shauna!! I've been an ex-smoker for 5 years now and let me just say, ive been a viewer here for so long and just now decided to create a profile because im definitely dedicated to vaping and ive even gotten my friends to quit smoking. im also here for the advice yall give. im currently having an issue as i now write! my Caliburn G keeps on auto-firing out of nowhere and its causing me TOO MUCH stress!!! I've done allllllllllll the basics. should I just completely switch to a different pod system???? is this it???
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