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  1. i do mostly agree with Tam . our factory do better QC job . www.msvap.com is homepage . www.micssonvape.com for inquiry . after we completed production , we need do a transport simulated test. so, if your device leaking. means QC job not serious . msvap
  2. this is diffcult to answer your question. 2 factors: 1. eliquid capacity . this is very important. 2.power (battery) capacity . you want big cloud with long time smoking vapor ? my company have 4000 puffs disposable e cigarette for choose. good luck msvap
  3. i think you need to clean your eyes with water . after you feel that you can watch everything without any uncomfortable. then no problem. hope you are ok now. msvap
  4. i like mint flavor because better for my throat . when i was young , i didnt notice about this . now my age goes elder day by day. i cant smoke any more. so ,vaping is better choice. good luck ! msvap
  5. hello my name is Ricky, i am from msvap . happy to be newer here . thank you! vaping is better ,i think so. i dont smoke usually . my throat doesn't let me do this.
  6. hello ! i am newer . happy to come here . please like me . thank you !
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