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  1. This is a recipe I started working on in February of 2018. Other variants I have made concentrated on using just one or maybe two banana flavors, but this combination does it for me. All three of the flavorings bring something unique to the table. I find it very accurate-tasting, as well as pleasant. I have shared it with a few close friends locally who agree. I'm very surprised that I even dig this because I am not a fan of actual banana bread, but it wouldn't be the first time that that has happened to me when it comes to e-liquid profiles. Anyway, give it a try & let me know what you th
  2. Sorry, duplicate post.
  3. My take on Blaq Origins, one of my favorite commercial juices. Like a strawberry shortcake with a graham cracker crust & sweet cream on top. Getting harder to find these days, but that's ok if I have this mix. I don't like to use the word "clone" often, but this one is really, really close! This is V3. I made my first attempt back in July of 2017 with terrible results (almost gave up), V2 (in 2018), was much better but was still lacking. This is THE one. This one will be one of my favorite recipes for a long time. 2.5% TFA Bavarian Cream 2.25% CAP Graham Cracker 2.5% FA Juicy St
  4. A nice, dark berry custard/cream. 1% FA Bilberry 2% TFA Blackberry 1% FA Blackcurrant 6% TFA Blueberry Candy 1.5% FA Cream (Fresh) 1.5% FA Marshmallow 2% TFA Sweet Cream 1% TFA Sweetener 2.5% FLV Vanilla Custard It's best after about 3 weeks.
  5. Thanks, a few others have made it & liked it too.
  6. 3.5% FA Custard 7% CAP Glazed Doughnut 3.5% FE Lemon .75% FA Lemon Sicily .5% CAP Super Sweet 2% FA Vienna Cream Needs between 2 & 3 weeks, but pretty darn good after that. The FE Lemon holds up longer than FA Lemon Sicily alone. The FA LS acts only as a supporting lemon here, adding just a bit of brightness.
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