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    cany reacted to FXRich in COVID-19 How's everything going in your area?   
    I haven't been to town in a week and a half, place  could be overrun with zombies for all I know. Out where I live people tend to stock up on stuff, normally we have 2 or 3 months worth of food in the freezer or on the shelf. We have no reason to go anywhere so are just staying home.
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    cany got a reaction from Tam in COVID-19 How's everything going in your area?   
    Places closing down here its not good most car dealerships shut down  Im still working though
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    cany got a reaction from shen_long86 in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Welcome back shen    thats a cool looking mod
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    cany reacted to Tam in New Vaper   
    Some things to keep in mind is that you'll want to get the equipment that's right for you, the right amount of nicotine content in your eliquid is very important, the desire to stay off cigarettes, and having enough back ups to get you through should anything fail at any time. If you have those things, you'll be just fine.
    Welcome to Vapor Talk. 
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    cany reacted to tae111 in New Jersey Flavor Ban   
    I am the type of person that researches new things to death before I start them. I have the safety glasses and gloves were included in the supplies I ordered. Kids and pets won't be a problem. We don't presently have any pets and the kids are now adults living on their own. I haven't ordered any flavorings yet. I suspect that will be the hardest part. I'm not one that jumps form flavor to flavor. I usually find a flavor I like and stick with it for long periods. Unfortunately the flavor I'm on right now is pretty complex and making it would be difficult. It is a popular flavor so I'm searching for recipes for it. 
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    cany reacted to Tam in Before We All Panic.....   
    https://www.cbsnews.com/video/public-health-expert-worries-e-cigarette-panic-is-ruining-single-biggest-public-health-opportunity-in-120-years/?utm_campaign=CBS Story (NJnJHt)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=VaporAuthority Website Subscriptions&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJlZHdhcmRwZmFsaXNAZ21haWwuY29tIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiTjJlVms0In0%3D
    This link will take you to an interview with so much common sense it'll make your head spin. That's your one and only warning before clicking on the link.  😄
    Public health expert on e-cigarette panic
    Researchers are working hard to determine the cause of more than 500 reported cases of lung illness affecting e-cigarette users. But even before this outbreak, e-cigarettes divided the medical community. Public Health England describes e-cigarettes as "at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes" – a claim New York University professor David Abrams agrees with. Abrams tells "CBS This Morning" Tony Dokoupil why he's concerned about what the current panic about e-cigarette safety could mean for public health.Sept 20, 2019
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    cany reacted to AggressiveDefiance in Sign of hope   
    We were 4,000 people strong today I think mr. Trump could see us as he flown over top of us
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    cany reacted to Christopher in I can't participate in any discussion   
    Please take a moment to read the forum rules. You need 3 posts before you can join the general forum. This is to limit the amount of spam we receive. As of this post, you should now be able to participate.
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    cany got a reaction from Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
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    cany reacted to aufin in Before We All Panic.....   
    Used, or tried to, the same rationale when talking to a couple people I know.  Tried to talk them into at least trying vaping to get rid of all their coughing and hacking.  Might as well have been talking to a sack of hammers.  Some wise man once said ...... "you just cant fix stupid".  
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    cany reacted to Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    Amen!!!   I'll say it again, Amen!!!
    We've been vaping for over a decade and this so called crisis pops up.  Give me a break!  The first thing I tell people who question or condemn my vaping is that 2.5 years ago my BP was 142/80.  I had an inhaler.  I was in the beginning stages of COPD/emphysema.  I constantly wheezed.  All that is gone.  118/72, moving more air than I have for the last 20 years.  The next thing I ask them is if they don't think it is a little telling that this sickness just popped up in the last few months after better than a decade of vaping and note that the vast majority of cases have been traced back to adulterated e-juice and none traced back to a legitimate store.  
    Just insane.  
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    cany got a reaction from Tam in Before We All Panic.....   
    Sad most people I deal with only believe the one side  trying to explain the other side too some is like talking too a wall
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    cany reacted to Tam in Before We All Panic.....   
    To add to the idiocy -- let's just ignore all the years people have been vaping before this "crisis" came up and we're all healthier than we've ever been... but don't let facts get in your way. SMH
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    cany got a reaction from Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    I couldnt agree more
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    cany reacted to Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    It is sad.  I don't think people want to believe how corrupt these agencies are.  I don't blame them.  I would love to believe these agencies were working to protect me.  A person has to go through something like this vaping "crisis" on a personal level to accept the corruption, deceit,  and deception these agencies propagate.  
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    cany got a reaction from Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    Sad most people I deal with only believe the one side  trying to explain the other side too some is like talking too a wall
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    cany reacted to Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    People believe they are way too busy and over stressed even though they can babble endlessly about Game of Thrones or Walking Dead and the like.  If they don't vape, they are not going to dig.  They will just parrot headlines.  We lost the biggest battle by not getting in front of this.  We knew it was coming.  Now the anties have got their agenda well published which is effectively the rules of engagement.  We got slapped with proving them wrong which is exactly opposite of rules of law.  It is their burden to prove their accusations are correct.  
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    cany reacted to Tam in Before We All Panic.....   
    The Independent published this article from a doctor. He is saying what we've known and is actually using common sense.
    I'm an American doctor. Here's the truth about Juul, vaping and legalizing marijuana
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    cany got a reaction from Kiley in Cloneing   
    Custard flavors were my ADV but lately Ive been playing with more tobbaccoy flavors Ive been cloning the juice that got me off cigs two yrs ago. Im happy I can finally  clone the juice that    started it all for me
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    cany reacted to VapeMama in Before We All Panic.....   
    I work with a girl who's SO became deathly ill "due to vaping". (When I questioned her, she admitted that it was black market THC her SO was vaping EXCLUSIVELY for a week, when she became ill and then CONTINUED TO VAPE THE STUFF!) Some of the other employees were blasting vaping on the spot because of this person's illness. So I posed the question, "ok, if vaping as a whole is responsible, why am I not ill or dead? I've been vaping for nearly 6 years." The room got totally silent. Then I explained, that I KNOW what's in my juice, because I make my own. What they NEED to be upset about is WHAT this person vaped and WHERE they got it, NOT with vaping as a whole. A few of the employees actually apologized, stating, if they had known that there was black market/tainted juice out there and that could have been the cause of the illness, they would have kept their mouths shut. I just reminded them there is  always more to every situation than just what you hear/see on the surface, get the facts before you blow off steam.
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    cany reacted to Bebop in Before We All Panic.....   
    The latest CDC report
    26 dead and 1200 ill.
    but then they say only 75% confirmed THC. 
    so, what, the other 25% are liars?......
    of course, I'm being facetious, I have no doubt that some of the deaths may have involved vapers with pre-existing health issues and were nowhere near THC. 
    but I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers are fudged here.  I just watched a news interview with a couple who's college age daughter got I'll "by vaping" - 5 minutes of the girl's parents professing the innocence of their sweet little girl and when the interviewer pressed further, "oh well, there was that one time when we caught her vaping THC but we believe her that she is not doing it now"......right.....
    I don't want it to seem like I have no sympathy for these people who are actually suffering from this.  I do.  It's a terrible tragedy. 
    But the truth will set us free (get ti the bottom if this).  Is that too much to ask? 
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    cany reacted to Squid in flavor ban   
    A judge in NY issued a stay on the ban of flavored juices while an appeal brought by local companies is heard. We still have our flavored juices for now.
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    cany got a reaction from AggressiveDefiance in Best vanilla e-liquid?   
    Best one too me is the one I mix
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    cany reacted to Tam in Flavors/Vg/Pg shelf life   
    According to Google it says that an unopened bottle of VG that's stored somewhere dark and cool can last up to 5 years. Two years for PG in the same conditions.
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    cany reacted to Bebop in flavor ban   
    Right now it depends on where you are
    and, if this federal ban happens. 
    but here's a snap shot of what is happening locally in Michigan...
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