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    Walt reacted to Bebop in Before We All Panic.....   
    Everybody who thinks banning flavors is going to end this medical crisis raise your hands!
    .....yeah,  I thought so.😁
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    Walt reacted to Tam in Before We All Panic.....   
    Banning flavors... yeah, because prohibition worked so well in the past.       
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    Walt reacted to Bebop in Before We All Panic.....   
    Banning flavors.....yeah,  because, you know,  vaping strawberry cream just doesn't hit the spot like a good ol' Lucky Strike!!

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    Walt reacted to Tam in Before We All Panic.....   
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    Walt reacted to Edna in Its been a while...   
    Hey All!
    Its been a while since Ive been on VT. Happy Memorial Day.
    Now it 3 years since my last cigarette and yeppers, I'm still vaping.
    Hope y'all are doing fantastic!
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    Walt reacted to Tam in Its been a while...   
    Hi, long time no see! Hope life's been treating you well.
    As of May 10th, it's been 7 years for me. Can't believe it's been that long. 
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    Walt reacted to VapeMama in Its been a while...   
    Hey! Hoping everyone is having a good holiday.
    I'm 5+ years tobacco free and feeling good about that! I never thought I'd ever kick that nasty habit but thanks to vaping I did.
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    Walt reacted to Tam in Nicotine level   
    @Walt is giving you some good information. To add a little more of the... less scientific kind, I would tell you that if you find yourself chain vaping (vaping continuously), then I'd go up a little on your nicotine level until you hit something more comfortable so you only take a couple of hits and can put it down for a while.
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    Walt reacted to Bebop in Can I just say.......   
    Hi Tam!
    Yes, it's still every bit as disgusting...BUT,   half of the "smokers" were vapers so, some consolation.   I've sort of forgotten what it's like to be around smokers.  Everyone in my circles has either quit or converted to vaping. 
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    Walt reacted to Tam in Can I just say.......   
    Back in the day when I was sill smoking I had a lay over there. The smoker's lounge was a smelly mess then, I can't imagine how bad it would be now. They need to give all the walls a good scrubbing, the ceiling tiles replaced, and the carpet a shampoo several times over and put in a better ventilation system to draw the smoke out.
    Nice seeing you again, Bebop!
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    Walt reacted to VapeMama in Can I just say.......   
    Have a good holiday weekend Bebop!
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    Walt reacted to Bebop in Can I just say.......   
    It is SO wrong I have to use the smokers lounge here at Vegas airport.
    nasty!   I'm not one of them!!  (anymore, haha)
    How everybody has a great holiday weekend.
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    Walt got a reaction from cany in Advice for a beginner vaper   
    I agree with both @cany and @VapeMama but be prepared to have to do some trial and error.  For me it was a little like going to the doctor.  Pretty good but now I have this going on.  Change prescription.  You get the drift.  And then there's the "oh look, something new!"  In search of the ultimate vape!  Wonderful hobbie if you look at it like that.  Like @cany, I would be embarrassed if I divulged how many mods, atties, and juices I have went through and or have.  Regardless, it brings me a lot of joy both in the activity and knowing I'm not on analogs any longer.  
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    Walt reacted to VapeMama in Advice for a beginner vaper   
    First of all, welcome to VT!
    I agree with @cany. Find a vape store, ask questions and more questions!
    My first set up was an Ego pen 5+ years ago, and now have a variety of devices I use.
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    Walt reacted to Skater666 in Opinions?   
    Im new here.
    Be3n vaping for about 4 years.
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    Walt reacted to FXRich in Cleaning Vape coils   
    The best I have found for cleaning coils, and tanks is a sonic cleaner.
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    Walt got a reaction from tobaccoandvapemart in Welcome all new members   
    Bravo!  and Welcome!  This is the place to draw from the experience of other vapors for sure.  
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    Walt got a reaction from tobaccoandvapemart in Welcome all new members   
    And congratulations 2U2!
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    Walt got a reaction from tobaccoandvapemart in Welcome all new members   
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    Walt got a reaction from JackOfAllVapes in New to forum, 3 years into vaping. Hi from UK!   
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    Walt reacted to aherbe in New to vaping   
    Hello! I'm very new to vaping, so please don't be mean. I started with the SMOK pod system then upgraded to the SMOK T-PRIV with TFV8 Baby (standard) tank. I accidentally gutted the pre-installed coil when trying to figure out why I leaked an entire 5ml of juice the first time I used it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Completely accidental. Thankfully it also had the dual coil with it, no leaks since switching! I also purchased the TFV8 Baby V2 tank with it, which I haven't opened yet. I'm vaping CBD oil (150mg per 30ml) with 6mg of nicotine juice together. Great flavor mix I put together I might add. One of my local shops is amazing with great flavors and prices! My problem is, I'm having trouble finding the best seeing for me. Should I just start with the lowest and keep going up until I find the right one? Right now I'm at 43.0 watts on normal. Sometimes my clouds will be huge and others not so much. There's also a whistling sound at times, but not always (I guess turning the.... Airflow?..... part in the bottom changes that). I have successfully stopped smoking my filtered cigars for a full week and plan to lower my nicotine mg in two more weeks! I also have trouble sometimes with coughing a lot, like I've just talked a huge toke from a blunt (something I haven't done in 16 years) and that tends to be a problem sometimes. Eventually I'll be vaping to simply enjoy the amazing flavors available, but I'm lost on how to find the best settings to use. Any and all advice given is appreciated very much! TIA
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    Walt got a reaction from Tam in Coils   
    In general the higher the resistance the lower the power needed, kinda, sorta.....
    The mass of the coil, the heat flux of the coil, and the design of the vapor chamber of the atty also play a big part in this.  Two exotic coils @ .5Ω will require a lot more power than a simple wire single coil @ the same resistance.  As far a flavor, the design of the atty is the most important factor.  I have atties that will produce wonder flavor at 20W and 1Ω and others that require more exotic coils to reach their flavor potential.  I have a Siren II atty that I build @1Ω and use with single 18650 mods and get great battery life.  It is a single coil atty and I use simple wire and get great flavor.  The draw is restricted although direct to lung and the vapor production is limited although satisfying to me.  
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    Walt got a reaction from cany in Getting back too my roots   
    I'm headed the same direction lately.  Rediscovering variable wattage mode and the beatitudes of simple wire.  Not sure I'll ever go back to a AIO EGO but definitely enjoying the change.  
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    Walt reacted to FXRich in safe build mech mod with 21700 single battery   
    A .2 coil with a fully charged battery will pull about 21A, so you probably won't blow yourself up.
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    Walt reacted to VapeMama in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Decided to give squonking a try. My Fuchai 213 Squonk kit came today. (Why is it when you're waiting on vape mail the mail is always late??!!) I got the yellow color, though it's more gold than yellow. Also got a Dead Rabbit RDA. The reviews of the Cube RDA (that came in the kit) weren't particularly favorable for whatever reason, but it's working well so far, of course it's only been a couple of hours! I have the Rabbit if the Cube falls out of favor! The mod is comfortable to hold, menu easy to navigate, I'm good to go!
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