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  1. Who's using a Pod system?

    That's cool. I might just give on a try then. Just can't see increasing the nic if I don't need to.
  2. Who's using a Pod system?

    Wow, late to the party.. @Bebop Congratulations on five years!!!!! Huge!!! Pod's...... No idea. I like the look and the concept, just haven't tried any. Nic salts. I could be just full of it but I'm down to 2mg and like the idea. I have it in my head if I start vaping nic salts that I will be increasing my addiction. It is the throat hit that I find irritating and over time is lowering my nic levels. Obviously the salts take care of that. Almost seems nefarious in a sense.
  3. Wismec predator 228?

    Mine never recovered. It's landfill. Glad it will tide you over to the next mod!
  4. Merlin mini rta

    Not sure I fully understand but yes you can go to a lower resistance and yes having the coil directly over the airflow makes a huge difference. You want the air to come up, circle around the coil and carry the vaper with it up through the chimney. The height of the coil above the airflow is kinda atty dependent. They seem to all have a "sweet spot". In general it's best to keep the coil pretty close to the airflow.
  5. Wismec predator 228?

    It's a shame. They are sharp looking mods and feel good in the hand. I really enjoyed the "firing bar" feel. I went to an Aspire Speeder for a fire bar and it performs a lot better. Better mod all around.
  6. Thanks for having me!

    Welcome! Thanks for joining!
  7. Merlin mini rta

    Not really sure what your asking Foo. If you run it without a plug then the air intake with no coil will allow unrestricted air to rush in and mix with the vapor. It will probably overtake the vaper just because it is unrestricted and deliver a lot less flavor. If you plug one side, it should be better but it will probably never equal that of an atty that is made for single coil just because of the aerodynamics of the vapor chamber. As far as a "lower" build, do you mean a lower resistance?
  8. Just thought I'd throw this out here. Just started testing and doubt I will have any real concrete results for some time. I imagine maybe a year's time frame. Here is the protocal I'm playing with. I'm using a baseline of juice "steeped" for one month approx. So far the initial impression is impressive: Mix all ingredients in a 120ml Boston Round leaving 10ml of space at the top of the bottle Cap bottle and warm to 40°C via Souse Vide (Happen to have one. Handy) Homogenize liquid for two minutes keeping the prob head under the surface of the liquid limiting aerobic impact Cap bottle and put in an Ultra Sonic Cleaner for thirty minutes to assist the recovery process Allow juice to cool to room temp overnight I have only tested two recipes so far but they both compared favorably to the same recipe "steeped"
  9. Help

    You and "back-ups" will be forever synonymous in my mind. You have taught me well. A few. With back-ups to the back-ups to the....... Yup the drawer grows heavy.
  10. Help

    Thanks to you guys I've got gallons of ingredients in the freezer. I'll be fine.
  11. Help

    I'm trying but going through a lot of liquid.....
  12. Help

    Not yet. Pretty foggy in there.
  13. Help

    I'm working on it......
  14. Ok then..... You're just visiting this planet right? Try a robotics forum maybe?
  15. Testing testing. Yup, the mic is still on!

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