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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, before I get started I just want to clear up a few things. I always prime my coils correctly, let it sit, for 10 minutes, put juice on the cotton, everything I'm supposed to do. Iver these last 2 months I've had an annoying problem with my Kanger subtank. The old 60 watt OCC coils constantly burned, no matter which wattage and which mod I tried it on, and now the same thing with the new oval shaped ones. Sometimes it's a brand new coil, first hit and every hit after is burnt, I've gone through so many coils and so much money I need to figure out what is going wrong. I consistently put my tank through an atomic tank cleaner once a week. I've also tried the needle trick where you poke the cotton inwards to the coil. I took it to 2 local vape shops and they can't figure it out. It happens on all PG/VG mixes but more so on the 70/30 mixes. This is really annoying and any advice would help, thanks!
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