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    Tam got a reaction from Mark in Looking for the perfect pocket bottle for me   
    EC Blends also has lots of bottles in different sizes made of PET, LDPE or HDPE plastic.
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Nic shot problem   
    you have to cut it with something less than 3mg otherwise you're fighting a losing battle.
    If I understand you correctly, you cut 80 ml with 20 MLS of 18mg which gave you about 100mls of 6mg juice.  adding more 18mg is just going to increase its strength
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Coils   
    In general the higher the resistance the lower the power needed, kinda, sorta.....
    The mass of the coil, the heat flux of the coil, and the design of the vapor chamber of the atty also play a big part in this.  Two exotic coils @ .5Ω will require a lot more power than a simple wire single coil @ the same resistance.  As far a flavor, the design of the atty is the most important factor.  I have atties that will produce wonder flavor at 20W and 1Ω and others that require more exotic coils to reach their flavor potential.  I have a Siren II atty that I build @1Ω and use with single 18650 mods and get great battery life.  It is a single coil atty and I use simple wire and get great flavor.  The draw is restricted although direct to lung and the vapor production is limited although satisfying to me.  
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    Tam reacted to VapeMama in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    Decided to give squonking a try. My Fuchai 213 Squonk kit came today. (Why is it when you're waiting on vape mail the mail is always late??!!) I got the yellow color, though it's more gold than yellow. Also got a Dead Rabbit RDA. The reviews of the Cube RDA (that came in the kit) weren't particularly favorable for whatever reason, but it's working well so far, of course it's only been a couple of hours! I have the Rabbit if the Cube falls out of favor! The mod is comfortable to hold, menu easy to navigate, I'm good to go!
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    Tam reacted to cany in Anyone know what kinda tank this is?   
    That looks like it Thanks Tam 😍😍
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Wattage   
    Forget the wattage.  it's not important.
    whatever coil you put in, set the voltage at about 3.7 V.   then vape it and adjust up from there. somewhere in there you will find a sweet spot. Make a note of the wattage (watts are a product of voltage accross the resistance (ohm))
    whenever you use a different ohm coil, do the same thing.  If your using the same coil, vape the wattage you found works.  
    the higher the voltage (or wattage - same difference) the more you will shorten coil life. So if you want longer life, be conservative in your power settings. 
    A brand new coil will take higher power for a while.  But you are likely to burn it out faster. there is always a trade off.
    I usually vape any coil I make at 3.9 - 4.2 volts and let the wattage fall where it may. (I get long coil life - 2 to 4 weeks). You can't adjust voltage and wattage separately.  they are tied together.  When you "raise the wattage" you are really just increasing the voltage across the coil.  Raise the voltage and the watts goes up. lower the voltage and the watts go down. 
    Its fine to remember the wattage and use that number to set your mod as manufacturers seem to realize that people focus in the wattage. But it's really the voltage you are changing. 
    It's like a car.  The speedometer doesnt make the car go.  You dont "raise the speedometer", (wattage), you give it more gas (voltage). 
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    Tam got a reaction from Farny in Smok 22 won't fire up   
    Thanks for the update, @Farny I'm glad to hear you got it resolved (sort of). Now, next time you're in town, make sure to get some back ups! 
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Mod problem   
    it's normal for it to change a little bit, it usually goes a little higher with use but that is a pretty big change.  
    build your new coils and try again
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    Tam got a reaction from Farny in Smok 22 won't fire up   
    Please don't leave it charging through the night, if something should short out, you won't be awake to take action.
    Perhaps not helpful right now, but we always recommend having back ups. Then, when you get back ups for your batteries, tanks and coils, get more back ups. You can never have too many. I once went through four batteries and two tanks (some weren't charged when I thought they were, dropped one tank and it broke, had a couple of bad coils, etc.). Many forum members laugh when we tell them to get back ups (as many as you can afford), but then they come back and tell us that they either were very glad they listened or they say they should have listened and go out to buy more.
    Good luck to you! Come back and let us know what happened. 
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    Tam reacted to VapingBeginner in My GF is starting to Vape to Quit Smoking   
    Thanks guys.
    I told her all of you guys advice and she is finding vaping much easier. She has now gone just over 1 month without smoking, so we are both really happy with her progress
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    Tam got a reaction from TheoOwston in Ejuice infused CBD   
    CBD discussion is only allowed in one part of the forum. Moving this to that location.
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    Tam reacted to Squid in Smok V8   
    It's possible that the drop broke the coil in the atomizer or possibly something internal in the battery when you dropped it. As Tam said first thing to do is change the atomizer.
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    Tam got a reaction from MRSpivey in Smok V8   
    I googled, "smok v8 stick blinks 4 times" and got a link to this information:
    1. 8 seconds protection:the LED light will blink 5 times when the power button is held for longer than 8 seconds,and the battery will automatically shut down the output.
    2. Resistance protection:when the atomizer resistance is lower than 0.1 ohm or higher than 2.5 ohms,the LED light will blink 4 times and the battery will automatically shut down the output.
    3. Low voltage protection:when battery capacity is lower than 3. 3V,the LED light will blink 15 times and the battery will automatically shut down the output.
    If LED light blinks as below,then it is malfunctioning.
    1.LED light keeps blinking.
    2.LED light keeps lighting.
    Please try to use coil or tank which resistance is between 0.1 ohm and 2.5 ohms.
    This means that the coil in your tank is too low in resistance and needs to be changed.
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Part came loose when cleaning. No idea from where   
    If you took apart the actual atomizer, (coil) then it's the insulating ring of the coil.
    If you just took apart the tank then it's probably the the insulator between the glass and the base.
    it's hard to tell what size it is from your picture with no perspective.  the coil insulator is small.  the glass insulator is large.
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    Tam reacted to Rixter in Fort Worth man dies after vape pen explodes in his face, report says   
    "Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers."
    I like my odds...I think I'll keep vaping.
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Happy New Years   
    Happy New Year, everyone! May this coming year bring nothing but positives with much love and joy and good health to your loved ones.
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Merry Christmas Everyone   
    I'm late to the party, of course!  Merry Christmas everyone.  I was thinking of you.  And Happy New Year!!
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Walt's Pico X   
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    Tam reacted to Rixter in Bump when you get something in vape mail.   
    There's simply no better RDA on the market. The Profile is miles above anything else out there. Best flavor, vapor production, ease of use, ramp up time, etc. I'm a huge fan of the Goon v1, but the Profile makes the Goon seem anemic. BTW - OFRF nexMESH strips make the Profile even better.
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    Tam reacted to Adversarious1 in Vaping side effects   
    There are still studies being done on whether there are long-term side effects from vaping.  The vast majority of what you are going to find in relation to any side effects are all considered anecdotal by scientific standards.  From personal experience, the only side effects I have experienced are: easier time breathing, lack of craving analogs, healthy weight loss (because I can exercise without running out of breath), and I smell better.  Those are just a few of the longer-term side effects I have experienced from vaping.  There were some short-term side effects when I first started, such as coughing when I inhaled vapor.  But it's a different substance than cigarette smoke and what ex-smoker didn't cough the first few times they inhaled cigarette smoke?
    As far as Juul, I don't know enough about the product to give an opinion.  However, I wouldn't say it's any better or any worse than anything I use.  In my opinion, it is one option among many to help a person quick smoking.
    Personal disclaimer - I DON'T recommend vaping if you never smoked.  I think it should be used as a tool to quit or cut back on nicotine use from traditional tobacco, not as a way to get nicotine if you never used traditional tobacco.
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    Tam got a reaction from BigDaddy Long Leg in Help   
    Vaping regular e-liquid shouldn't be a problem unless they're also looking into nicotine use. If you haven't had any weed in the past 30 days or more, haven't used anything with CBD or any other component of marijuana, you should have been fine.
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Best tank   
    The best set up is the one that works best for you. Vaping is extremely subjective so what works well for one person may not for another. If you've found something that makes you happy, that's probably the one you should stick with.   
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Happy Halloween!!!!   
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    Tam reacted to Christopher in Many vape stores are indicating that the ego-c & ego-twist lines have been discontinued.   
    The vision spinner was one of my favorite batteries, it was my go to device for a long time. 
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    Tam got a reaction from Bebop in Many vape stores are indicating that the ego-c & ego-twist lines have been discontinued.   
    Like you, @Bebop, I started with the eGo batteries, but the latest and greatest at the time was an eGo-T. Shortly after I got my first kit the eGo-C pass through came out and I upgraded. Then the Vision Spinner came out (very like an eGo Twist but with a slightly bigger capacity battery), and the rest is history of an empty bank account.    

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