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    Tam reacted to Squid in COVID-19 How's everything going in your area?   
    Personally, it's almost business as usual for me. I work for a government contractor deemed essential. Everyone that puts what we make together is still working. Almost all of the support staff, engineers, planning, and anyone else that doesn't need to physically touch the product to do their job has been given a laptop and told to work from home. The people that are at work range from those that seem to think it is inevitable, and they are going to get it anyway and have not changed habits at all to those that you can't even talk to because if you get closer than 15 feet or so they start yelling to not get too close. One in particular gets nearly hysterical if someone walks in the room she works in, it's approx 20X60 feet and there are 6 others that work in the room, well spaced out.
    All schools, colleges, barbers, etc have been closed. The schools until mid April at least. Auto mechanics, grocery stores, liquor stores (yup), auto parts stores, construction and contractors and a few others have been deemed essential and are able to be open. Small businesses that can be run by one person are allowed to stay open, but must limit the number of customers inside at one time. A couple car garages have closed but not many. Restaurants are take out only no eating in, fast food and coffee shops are drive thru only. The local roads are mostly empty of cars. A few, apparently family, groups of 3 or 4 walking together, way more than usual. I travel I-90 to work and there is slightly less traffic, more trucks, but still a lot of out of state cars.
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    Tam reacted to FXRich in COVID-19 How's everything going in your area?   
    I haven't been to town in a week and a half, place  could be overrun with zombies for all I know. Out where I live people tend to stock up on stuff, normally we have 2 or 3 months worth of food in the freezer or on the shelf. We have no reason to go anywhere so are just staying home.
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    Tam reacted to cany in COVID-19 How's everything going in your area?   
    Places closing down here its not good most car dealerships shut down  Im still working though
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    Tam reacted to Papsipaps123 in Hi..Im newbie..need jelp please.   
    Thank you so much for your time. I'll take your advise.
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    Tam got a reaction from Papsipaps123 in Hi..Im newbie..need jelp please.   
    The "correct" way of doing things in vaping is whatever works for you. Everyone is different so what works well for one person won't work so well for another.
    If the 25 mg works for you, stay with it for awhile until you're totally off the cigarettes. Once you feel comfortable, go down a little - I would suggest down to 21 or 18. If you go down too fast you'll either wind up back on cigarettes or you'll just wind up vaping more often to get the nic your body craves.
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    Tam got a reaction from Papsipaps123 in Hi..Im newbie..need jelp please.   
    Your question takes me back some years... anyway, we used to tell people that if you smoked lights, 12 mg would be a good starting place (not salt nic, the regular nic). If you were smoking regular cigarettes like Marlboro reds, then a 24 mg would be a better starting place as that would be a closer equivalent. Does that help?
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    Tam got a reaction from cany in New Vaper   
    Some things to keep in mind is that you'll want to get the equipment that's right for you, the right amount of nicotine content in your eliquid is very important, the desire to stay off cigarettes, and having enough back ups to get you through should anything fail at any time. If you have those things, you'll be just fine.
    Welcome to Vapor Talk. 
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    Tam reacted to tae111 in New Jersey Flavor Ban   
    I am the type of person that researches new things to death before I start them. I have the safety glasses and gloves were included in the supplies I ordered. Kids and pets won't be a problem. We don't presently have any pets and the kids are now adults living on their own. I haven't ordered any flavorings yet. I suspect that will be the hardest part. I'm not one that jumps form flavor to flavor. I usually find a flavor I like and stick with it for long periods. Unfortunately the flavor I'm on right now is pretty complex and making it would be difficult. It is a popular flavor so I'm searching for recipes for it. 
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Musketeer starter kit won't start! help   
    this product and coil is designed for CBD.   Is that what you want?
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    Tam reacted to Christopher in VENDORS Please Read FIRST before posting - Updated 11/30/2019   
    Vapor Talk allows vendors and suppliers to post on the forum. 
    To post as a vendor: 
    Click Here - This will take you to the group change setting and your My Account panel Select "Vendor" and press the "save" button. That's it! You can now post in the general suppliers sub forum.
    There are two vendor types: 
    Verified Vendor - You are given full, relatively unrestricted access to the forums. You must abide by the Vendor Rules. Verified vendors can also purchase banner advertising, private sub forums, etc. 
    Regular Vender - If you opt not to become an Authorized Vendor, you may only post in the General Suppliers Forum. You must still abide by the Vendor Rules.
    Vendor Rules
    Vendor Guidelines (Read these carefully, failure to do so may result in your account permanently banned. There are far too many requests for us handle account reconsiderations. These rules are fairly typical) 
    You must be an “established” vendor for 6 months, with a website. No eBay, Craigslist or Facebook sellers. Your website must be 100% e-cigarette related and must have Contact information with a valid mailing address, telephone landline number and email. If your website does not comply, and you ignore our request to update it, you will be reverted to “Unapproved Supplier” and will have no rights on the site. No Drug/Dry Herb related pics, videos, posts, links, or Drug/Dry Herb references are permitted.  Vendors, under no circumstances, may post personally identifiable information.  We take the privacy of our forum members seriously. Vendors who make claims that e-cigarettes are a health product, or that they can be used to quit smoking, or that they are a pharmaceutical product, will not be accepted (or will be removed). All forum contact with members must follow forum rules. We expect both our members and our suppliers to act courteously. Contact a Moderator if you have an issue with a member rather than contribute to the problem. You may not under any circumstance use the PM or Personal Messaging system to spam members. This will result in a permanent, irrevocable ban. Do not post any negative material about other suppliers or their products or service or prices, whether they are verified vendors or not . You may only promote your own business or products. You may not compare other vendors’ products (by exact name) unfavorably. Your supplier privileges apply to you alone. That is to say, you cannot transfer those privileges to another, or have multiple members of staff with the same privileges. Only ONE ID permitted to represent the business. Do not have a third party make promotional posts on your behalf. If this is found to be the case both you and that person will be banned. If your website becomes non-compliant you risk being demoted or classed as Unregistered. We occasionally review vendor websites. If we have multiple reports that your service or products are faulty, and you do not resolve these issues, we may revoke your registration. If we have a report of a serious infringement of our Rules, or of the law, or of an action that will bring Vapor Talk or the industry or the community into disrepute, or place Vapor Talk at risk of legal action, we may revoke your registration. Pay your fees on time No suppliers who trade exclusively or extensively[1] as affiliates[2] or drop-shippers[3] are allowed as Authorized Vendors at Vapor Talk. Such suppliers if identified will be banned without warning. Vapor Talk, like most honest forums, intends to support and protect the trade, and does not regard web marketers with multiple interests (or possible multiple interests) as members of the trade proper. Sales and Promotions (General Suppliers Forum) – limit 2 threads per week – posting more than 2 will result in merged threads and/or removed threads No coaxing or bribing other members to “tag” you so that you can post vendor forbidden content. As things change and situations arise, all of the above rules are subject to change. What all of this essentially boils down to is treating customers right and preventing spam on the forum. If you would like to promote, spam, or market your business do so only in designated areas. 
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    Tam got a reaction from cany in Before We All Panic.....   
    https://www.cbsnews.com/video/public-health-expert-worries-e-cigarette-panic-is-ruining-single-biggest-public-health-opportunity-in-120-years/?utm_campaign=CBS Story (NJnJHt)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=VaporAuthority Website Subscriptions&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJlZHdhcmRwZmFsaXNAZ21haWwuY29tIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiTjJlVms0In0%3D
    This link will take you to an interview with so much common sense it'll make your head spin. That's your one and only warning before clicking on the link.  😄
    Public health expert on e-cigarette panic
    Researchers are working hard to determine the cause of more than 500 reported cases of lung illness affecting e-cigarette users. But even before this outbreak, e-cigarettes divided the medical community. Public Health England describes e-cigarettes as "at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes" – a claim New York University professor David Abrams agrees with. Abrams tells "CBS This Morning" Tony Dokoupil why he's concerned about what the current panic about e-cigarette safety could mean for public health.Sept 20, 2019
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Before We All Panic.....   
    That's right.  These commercials are just a regurgitation of the fake news stories. 
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    Tam got a reaction from Bebop in Before We All Panic.....   
    Our locale TV "news" stations have been having interviews with all kinds of so-called "experts" on vaping and health. The only problem is, they know virtually nothing about vaping more than the bull pucky they've seen on the TV news...
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    Our locale TV "news" stations have been having interviews with all kinds of so-called "experts" on vaping and health. The only problem is, they know virtually nothing about vaping more than the bull pucky they've seen on the TV news...
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    Tam reacted to Bebop in Before We All Panic.....   
    Boy, the anti-vaping commercials are poring it on thick in my parts.  It's outrageous and qualifies as fake news 😁
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    Truly an oxymoron. They're killing off the people from which they get their money.
    Maybe we'll just remove the oxy part. Seems to fit better. 
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    Tam reacted to Christopher in I can't participate in any discussion   
    Please take a moment to read the forum rules. You need 3 posts before you can join the general forum. This is to limit the amount of spam we receive. As of this post, you should now be able to participate.
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Need help with mixing liquid   
    In addition to the advise that Walt gave you, can you go back to the store and ask if you can buy just the flavoring and some PG (polypropylene glycol)? It's the PG that delivers the throat hit (as well as a higher nic content). Adding PG to your existing juice will thin it out some and it will also dilute the flavor a bit as you're adding more liquid. You may notice that you'll get a little less vapor when you add the PG (PG is the flavor carrier and thinner than VG. VG makes your juice sweeter, mellows out the throat hit and makes it smoother, gives you more vapor). That might help you out.
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    Tam got a reaction from Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    Same with me in that my HDL cholesterol is on the low side of average where before it was pretty damned high, blood pressure went down a bit more (which could be a bad thing for me because it was a little lower than the optimal 120/80 before but....), and I'm not short of breath anymore when I exert myself walking up and down stairs. My doctor is much happier with me since I started vaping.
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    Tam reacted to cany in Before We All Panic.....   
    Sad most people I deal with only believe the one side  trying to explain the other side too some is like talking too a wall
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    Tam got a reaction from VapeMama in Before We All Panic.....   
    To add to the idiocy -- let's just ignore all the years people have been vaping before this "crisis" came up and we're all healthier than we've ever been... but don't let facts get in your way. SMH
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    Tam got a reaction from VapeMama in Before We All Panic.....   
    Here is yet another interesting article:
    Illegal vapes traced to California woman who was CBD pioneer
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    Tam got a reaction from VapeMama in Before We All Panic.....   
    The Independent published this article from a doctor. He is saying what we've known and is actually using common sense.
    I'm an American doctor. Here's the truth about Juul, vaping and legalizing marijuana
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    Tam reacted to aufin in Before We All Panic.....   
    Used, or tried to, the same rationale when talking to a couple people I know.  Tried to talk them into at least trying vaping to get rid of all their coughing and hacking.  Might as well have been talking to a sack of hammers.  Some wise man once said ...... "you just cant fix stupid".  
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    Tam reacted to Walt in Before We All Panic.....   
    Amen!!!   I'll say it again, Amen!!!
    We've been vaping for over a decade and this so called crisis pops up.  Give me a break!  The first thing I tell people who question or condemn my vaping is that 2.5 years ago my BP was 142/80.  I had an inhaler.  I was in the beginning stages of COPD/emphysema.  I constantly wheezed.  All that is gone.  118/72, moving more air than I have for the last 20 years.  The next thing I ask them is if they don't think it is a little telling that this sickness just popped up in the last few months after better than a decade of vaping and note that the vast majority of cases have been traced back to adulterated e-juice and none traced back to a legitimate store.  
    Just insane.  
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