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  1. If your Aspire is leaking, make sure the coil head isn't loose. If it's now snugged down, it can leak and prevent connection to the battery.
  2. Brian

    Worst tanks and why?

    Before trying the Vision, I had tried 3 or 4 different non-Vision Nova style tanks and they were all terrible. It was a surprise when I got the vision and it worked well.
  3. Brian

    The Graham Noodle (adult content)

    "*******" LOL! I haven't heard anyone say that in years! LOL! Can't say that word I guess.
  4. Brian

    Worst tanks and why?

    Dual Coil Carto Tank (DCT). When they work, they work really well, but when they decide to start leaking, there's no stopping it. Just my experience. I gave them another try about a year ago and was pretty impressed for a while (using a 2 hole dual coil carto). However, about a week into it, it started to leak and made quite a mess. Did I mention that I was on my way to work then this happened? Gave up on them after that. I've used the iClear30 (came with the MVP2) and iClear30S (came with the VTR) and thought both of them pretty much sucked. Both leaked bad, and the 30s was mostly just burning taste the whole time I used it. I never had a problem with the Vision Vivi Novas Tameiki. I used them for quite some time and didn't have much trouble with leaking at all other than a dot of juice on the battery connector from time to time. Still, as you said Tam, vaping is all about personal preference. Just because everyone else loves something, doesn't mean you will. LOL!
  5. Brian

    Kentucky B&M's?

    Quite a few listed around the Nashville area. http://vaporsearchusa.com/tn.htm
  6. Brian

    Kentucky B&M's?

    You'd think there's be one there in Clarksville somewhere. Surprised a decent one hasn't popped up.
  7. Brian

    Ecigs Discussed on The Five

    Similar view here. I'm pretty hard core fiscal conservative, but socially, meh, to each their own. More concerned about the state of our country and protecting our rights.
  8. Brian

    Pulmonary Surprise

    I had a sleep study done at a pulmonary clinic this week. Had to spend the night at the clinic. To my surprise, they didn't bat an eye when I asked if I could use my ecig and said "you absolutely can, no problem at all". I was blown away. I had a miserable nights sleep with wires all over my head, face and sides and legs, but I sure vaped like a mad man! LOL! When you're allowed to vape in a pulmonary clinic that, they must not think it's a hazard.
  9. http://youtu.be/rekKCfPK0K8
  10. Accountant. I'm in manufacturing accounting. This is month end/quarter end week, so it's a very busy week for me.
  11. Bean counter. I vape in my office all day.
  12. Brian

    COFFEE pleaseeee!

    It's been a long time since I searched for coffee. Early on I tried coffee from a lot of different vendors and to me, all the plain coffee flavors tasted more like burned coffee grounds. LOL! I do like the Dekang coffee, but most people don't like it. The two best ones I found were from LiquidXpress. Now, I have to caveat that it's been a very LONG time since I've used these, but I really liked them. Mr. Bean Caramel Macciato Mr. Bean tasted like chewing on a fresh coffee bean. The Macciato is a little sweet, but yummy. I would often mix the Mr. Bean and Macciato to cut the sweetness. They were really good.
  13. Brian

    What was your first device?

    I started with a Joye 510 kit. If I recall, the eGo wasn't out yet. I used the 510 for about 2 weeks or so before moving on to mods. LOL!
  14. Wait until November to stock up... there will probably be a lot of "going out of business" sales.

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