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  1. Saying hello!

    Haven't been on here in... Dang think 2 or 3 years! Just wanted to say hi and see if any of the old members were still around. Sent from my Z983 using Tapatalk
  2. Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    picked up a Fire Pipes box mod and Mephisto V2 yesterday.
  3. Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    Picked up a Ares mod by VIP Customs and a Mutation X.. not super impressed with the MX, but love the Ares mod.
  4. Kanthal Is A Brand...Nichrome Is An Alloy

    hmm.. i never knew this either.
  5. Box mod

    I love my IPV v2.. Thing is a beast! There is also the cloupor T5 50watt mod, the IPV v3 will be out soon it's a 150w box mod.
  6. I have bought a couple authentics lately and absolutely love them. I never have to worry about anything when using them. Have zero issues and they hit harder then anything I have ever owned... I have the shotgun by emit paired with the Apollo by emit, flagship paired with ceo, and a Tantra by chillum.
  7. IPV3 150 watt box mod

    I'm using my IPV v2 and I stay at 36.5w on a .4 single coil. This thing at 36.5w and a single coil is putting out clouds equivalent to my .12 dual coil on my mech. I love this dam device.. I also have the cloupor t5 but it's still sitting in the box just cause I been loving my IPV. I might update the firmware on the t5 so it can hit 75w (granted it doesn't break my device in the process)
  8. Milk concentrated flavoring.

    Yeah I never cared for the sweet cream. If I use it I will let you guys know how it is. I think I might mix a little with my berry crunch flavor. See if I canf get it to taste like actual milk and cereal... Lol
  9. Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    I went out and bought a chuff (I think that's what they are called) top for my shotgun mod and Apollo. Also picked up some Pima cotton... Its just organic, all natural, fresh from the farm, but it's super fine, and has straight long fibers, almost like hair.
  10. Hello!

    Welcome to VT!
  11. Bump Everytime You Buy Something New

    I love the mod.. The dripper I don't care much for though.
  12. Sub Ohming has gotten ridiculous.

    I have noticed my builds have gradually decreased in resistance over the past few month... I use to not be able to go lower then about a .3 but preferred to sit about .5.. Now my builds are all below .2 I tend to stay about .14 or .12 now, anything higher and I don't feel like I'm getting anything.
  13. Its been one of those days...

    Not sure if you got your replacements yet, but Amazon also sells a plastic version for about $5. I bought one along time ago and it worked great, other then I could no longer see my juice level.
  14. i officially hate vtc 4-5

    I have mixed emotions with mine. I had the same problem with finding the sweet spot, but after buying an authentic flagship and emit shotgun I haven't had any issue with them... Other then They die super fast in comparison to my MXJO's

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