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  1. Great answer Earthling. I've wondered about this myself from time to time. I'm with you FXRich. I love my coffee.
  2. Finally had time to recoil the Freakshow. Nothing fancy. Just some 26 ga. kanthal at .6 ohms. Oh how I've missed this.
  3. Got an E-leaf Melo yesterday. Awesome tank for a good price. Also picked up some semi-custom juice from the B&M. It's an 80/20 mix. Pina Colada with a little extra pineapple. I was beginning to forget how good their house juice really is.
  4. Thanks Comp. Gonna uninstall this crap app
  5. Anyone know how to stop these? I have the boxes for automatic updates turned off on my account and not allowed on the phone. If VT has a mobile site I'll get rid of tapatalk for good.
  6. Good review. Short and to the point.
  7. I'm pretty much around the same as when I started. 12-18 depending on flavor and what my B&M has in stock.
  8. Thanks Christopher. Awesome job you do here for our growing community.
  9. Sounds awesome. Let us know how it works out.
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