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  1. They aren't arcing, they're " falling" out of the button. I was thinking the same thing about the steel wool flecks left behind. They seem to have subsided since I posted this so I'm hoping they don't come back.
  2. Just spent WAY to much. I ordered 2 Efest 35 amp batteries, Intellicore D4 charger, brass Nemesis clone and a copper Mutation X to go with my Fuhattan, a Sigelei 100 watt box mod and 2 Chuff clone tops.
  3. I recently did a force patina on a Fuhattan. I cleaned it all up and put it together. I've been vaping it for about a week with no issues. I'm using an LG 35W battery with a .16 dual coil build.... same thing I've been using. Tonight I bought a new RDA and put a build on. When I pulsed it on the FU I noticed sparks coming out around the button. I immediately thought short so I rechecked everything, no problems. I put the one on I've been using and got the same thing. No hot button or hot battery, just sparks. It looks like steel wool catching but I cleaned it all up good. I used a dremel and cleaned the threads and even dismantled the button and cleaned all the magnets and contacts. I'm lost, please help.
  4. I keep thinking about making one out of an extra foregrip I have laying around LOL
  5. 3 new eliquids from Werewulf Eliquid Satan's Brownie-A triple chocolate fudge brownie Wolf's Blood-Strawberries and cream Full Moon-Orange Creamsicle Reviews to come shortly
  6. I had a member of my vaping club leave because he didn't read the part where I posted it was fake. Homophobe LOL
  7. http://www.landoverbaptist.net/showthread.php?p=1066691
  8. In the Vamo stacked 18350 batteries is the only way to get the true top wattage out of it. I used mine with IMR's for about two years with no issues. Just do it sensibly. Only use those two together from now on. Mark them, charge them together and don't use one by itself for anything else. Those batteries are now in the worst marriage ever if you stack them. As for the problems with the device, take it back to the store and show them. You might have a bad board.
  9. A friend of mine is interested in rebuildables and clouds so I haf him stop by to show him some starter builds and explain safety and ohm, watts, amps etc. .. He then shared this experience with me... He went to a local shop looking for information. He has a Kamry K 100 and purchased a better mech. He said in conversation that he needs a couple more 18650 batteries and the clerk told him it was OK to stack 2x 18350 batts and didn't talk at all about battery safety. Questions... Has anyone stacked 18350's in a sub ohm build? Am I the only one who wants to go off on this clerk? Why would any respectable store owner NOT discuss battery safety, ohms and amp limits to someone inquiring about rebuilding?
  10. Where to start. .. All clones... Soldado, 454 Big Block, Orchid, Nemesis, kanthal, and some juice. Mt. Baker's Salacious Strawberry, Moo Juice, Berry Creamy, Butter Pecan, Sugar Cookie, Sticky Bun and a few others, and the new Nautilus BVC coil heads.
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