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  1. Thanks Tam! Too busy to hang out much, but I'll pop back for sure!
  2. Hey Jeff! Thanks! Back atcha! Things are great, aside from the FDA trying bury the industry. Keeping up the good fight!
  3. I just realized, while talking to CigarBabe, that today is my 6 year vapeversary. I wanted to say thanks to VT for being the help that it was when it was needed. Met a lot of great people from this forum. Thank you! Vape Happy! Troop
  4. Go for it! Even If you are not currently dripping, you shouldn't have too difficult of a transition with it- and it's worth having for anytime that you want to try a juice before committing it to a tank. Enjoy!
  5. Jeff!!! Hope all is well! ...I'm not going to hijack the thread. Carry on!
  6. Nothing will ever beat dripping- and for juice reviews it's a must. I sacrifice flavor for convenience ATM.
  7. You can if they are the XL boges, and I do- and they work fine without leaking. I haven't had one leak because of the missing flange. Not one. To make it even better, they are much easier to swap out when you have a full tank of juice- you simply push a new one through the bottom as the old one slides out of the top.
  8. DCT's are the only way I can enjoy a carto. I stopped using the smoktech DCC's because of reliability issues. Seemed 50% gave the bad plastic taste that wouldn't go away- even when I soaked them well before using. I switched to the boge x-large, that fit in the same tank but are single coil- and the issue is gone. The vape? It's tolerable. The flavor doesn't exactly shine. ...when the smoktech DCC's are on, they are on though. Quick note- I have a couple of tanks that don't leak at all. The biggest mess is sometimes changing a carto mid tank, but using the boge xl cartos w/out a flange makes for an easy swap.
  9. VR kentucky maplewood. I've tasted sooo many awesome juices/flavors, but it comes down to the simple fact that I am a nicotine addict. I like a vape that goes with coffee in the AM, and can stick with you all day. I don't discount the great flavor options out there, but I found my all day vape and stick with it just as I did my brand of analogs. ...I know. I'm a curmudgeon. But if I had to make a list, it would involve some Boba's and Pipesauce, maybe some ELP- but the VR kentucky premium blends have been worthwhile. (And he does free samples too- so it's a no brainer if you are starting out) My two pennies~
  10. I swear I've had bottles of Boba's that tasted better than others. Consistency issues? I dunno. I still appreciate it, but some have been more honey tasting vs the (IMO) more complex (light) ginger honey tobacco that I get when Bobas has tasted best for me.
  11. I love to vape in public when I get the chance. If one wannabe ex-smoker sees it and can approach and ask questions- awesome. Some people stare- that's good too. I have nothing to hide. I'm doing a public service by vaping in public whether people know it or not. When I have been approached by staff, it's been a simple case of answering "yes- it is one of those water vapor things" or "it's not smoke, it's vapor" and everything was ok. Of course there needs to be respect of location, but if you have the chance to vape in public- do it. Vape proud.
  12. Seriously centerfold material! PS- your Zen needs some juice :-)
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