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  1. ok thanks all. Yea, a medium to tight draw is a turn off for me. So I guess I'll continue with the resurrectors.
  2. So I've been a die hard resurrector fan for almost a year now. I finally got around to trying out the vision CE4's every one has been talking about in the past. First impressions are so/so. My gripe is that the draw is fairly hard. I love the resurrectors and thier nice airy/loose draw. Only after I have used one for a week, does it get to be a tight draw. The draw of the CE4 reminds me of that tight draw. My question is, people out there that have tried both the CE4 and resurrector, does the CE4 really have a tight draw, or is the one I'm trying out a bum one?
  3. Yea, I saw that a few months back... SOOOOO funny.. Wonder what the size of the PCC is? A dresser? lol.. Oh and I think they made a DCT tank system for it, its made out of a 5 gallon water jug.. haha
  4. Yea, about 2 months before moving to ecigs, I starting making my own analogs. I cost me $1.13 per pack, and I could make a pack in under 6 minutes. I tihnk 5 minutes 31 seconds was my record. I used 'pipe' tobacco, because it was cheeper and packed better.
  5. Wooooooow, mse12…. I don’t understand.. I honestly think you must be doing something wrong.. I’ve tried many different cartos/attys/etc over the last 9 months, and I found the 1.7ohm ressorectors to be the best thing in the world. I used to use them on my ego, Now I use them on my LT at 4.2 volts. Both my sisters-in-laws, my mother-in-law and my wife use them on their egos. Between the 4 of us, I order 45 at a time. Since I started using them 8 months ago, prolly ordered 150+ of them. I Think I had maybe 1 or 2 total that were DOA. I VAPE A LOT of low NIC juice. About 10mls of 1-2mg nic/day. I use a tank system. A ressorector lasts me a week. So I get about 70mls per carto, which I think is awesome. MY in-laws vape less. They get about 2 weeks per carto. Again, don’t know what you are doing, but I stand by the ressorectors, and think they are awesome, and basically never fail. One thing I notice with all cartos, is that you HAVE TO make sure the filling is completely saturated BEFORE fireing for the first time. If not, you will burn the filler, and ruin it, and always taste burnt. When not using a tank, drip about 45+ drops in carto the first time, and let sit a few minutes. Let it drip out the bottom. The blow out the ‘extra’ and start vaping.
  6. Yea, when I went form 12 to 8, I really starting to chain vape big time... Like 10ml a day. (I vaped like 3-4ml when I was at 12/18) For me it wasn't the TH, it was the nicontine I was chasing. But when I dropped to 6 then 4 then 2 then 1, I was still only doing 10ml a day. I guess you can only vape so much in a given day... However, now that I'm at 0, I don't think I'm doing 10ml a day now.. I tihnk I may be down to 5-7... hard to tell since I just started 0mg. But I do notice myself not reaching for the PV as much.. I guess if your body knows its not going to get any satisfaction, you don't have that urge.... I'll report back on 0mg nic progress in a few weeks, but I feel I'll be reaching for the PV less and less... argg... I don't want to quit vaping all together yet... lol...
  7. yea, the TH was sooo strong. You really don't get anything with 0-2mg juice, even with TH enhancers. Because I lowered my nic over long period of time, I never really missed the TH..... until I just had a good TH from the taste testing... lol.. Also when I was lowering the nic, I put in extra menthol and other TH ehancers to add atrifical TH... I think eventually I just forgot about the TH.... wierd...
  8. So I’ve been vaping exactly 8 months today. I started off at 18mg nic, and worked my way down. Last 2 months, been using 1/2mg nic… and just recently started using 0mg nic…. So I’m starting my other sister-in-law vaping. I decided to give you my old left over juices (12-18mg) that I no longer vape. But I decided to taste test them before giving them to her….. I only vaped a few drops of each…. But WOW… Talk about a head rush!!! Man it felt soo good vaping that, lol… Just goes to show you how your body remembers nicotine even though you haven’t had much of it in a while. Man I can’t do much tast testing for her any more, other wise I’ll set my self back 8 months..lol..
  9. Well people... I didn't win, sorry. But one of the winning tickets was sold at a 7/11 just 15 minutes from my house... Damnit, I went to the wrong store to buy my tickets... lol... I hope I know that person.. hahaha
  10. wooow mega millions is now up to 540 million... holly crap.. I'm suprised more people haven't posted in this thread.... I guess they don't want $10k?
  11. LOL I thought about that, but the drawing being in 2 days, doubt we will get more than 30 unique posters.... And my added disclaimer above limits it to the first 100.... But in all honesty... what are the chances... almost nothing... lol... thats why I'd be more than willing to share $100,000 - 1 million with fellow vapors here if I had 225 million in cash lying around.
  12. Well if there is only 1 winner, and you take the cash option. Even after state/federal/local taxes, you still looking at pocketing over 225 million... WOOOOOOW thats alot. Ok here is the disclaimer/fine print!!! Who ever posts in this thread, and participates in the mega millions drawing on Friday, March 30th, 2012, and wins the jackpot, agrees to pay $9,999 each to all other posters in this thread, up to, and only including the first 100 unique users/posters. Cannot exceed 100 payouts, or $999,999 If there are multiple jackpot winners, then the winner can choose to only payout a percentage of the $9,999, on their win percentage of the jackpot. i.e. is there are 2 winners, then $5,000 each would be paid, if there are 3 winners, then $3,333 each will be paid... etc..
  13. HOLLY CRAP!! Mega Millions jackpot is almost a half a billion $$$. Com'on people, even if you don't gamble, or never buy lottery tickets, whats the harm in spending 5 measly dollars and getting a ticket.. That's cheaper than breakfast!!! Get your tickets!! Chances are, there will be mutiple winners on this one... Thats just too much money for 1 person!.. lol. So I say we make a friendly pact. In the SUPER SUPER HIGHLY HIGHLY unlikely chance I win the jackpot, I will give $10K to who ever posts in this thread.. And who ever posts in this thread agrees to the same if they win. deal? And what would I do? Well after giving alot of it away to friends and family, and then splurging a lot, I would invest alot of it, to keep me going for the rest of my life. Then I would buy alot of land down south and start a no kill animal sanctuary. I wouldn't let another pet be put down from any shelter again. From dogs to tigers.. I'd have my own private, non-profit zoo. A couple million annual budget!!
  14. While you're siting back, and relaxing right now, while you're vaping... why don't you take a few minutes and learn chinese...
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