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  1. GPurv

    Airport Etiquette

    What thread did someone post where they were carted away by the vaping police? Why all the paranoia?
  2. GPurv

    Vaping Around Other People

    No worries here in Dallas. I vape in public and no one ever asks.
  3. GPurv

    Air Travel

    I just put it in their nasty grey tote with my keys and pocket change. Have never been asked about it. The air vents above the seats are usually so strong the vape doesn't even hang around.
  4. GPurv

    Do You Vape In Public Places?

    Yes. It was exciting at first; like going commando. I've since found that when doing either, nobody really cares.
  5. GPurv

    What's Your Next Purchase?

  6. @DV: I never ran into that problem, although I've heard it alot. I know you prime your new carts but I'm sure some people don't. I've only used carto tanks on a Provari. Have you looked at, tried or know of anyone that has been using the Big Daddy Vapes stainless steel tanks? I just put down $60 for one last night and hoping that it won't crack. http://bigdaddyvapor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=53
  7. GPurv

    Another Ecig Explodes Wtf

    Agreed. If my protected AW blows up, especially withinin any circuit protected appliance, the Fed had better be going after the battery manufacturer.
  8. GPurv

    My Uncle Overdosed Using An E Cig.

    All of my doctors and surgeons love PVs. Even while in the hospital last Dec, I not only vaped the entire time but handed out vendor cards to nurses that wanted to buy a PV for their family member(s) or themselves. You wouldn't BELIEVE how many nurses smoke analogs.
  9. Yeah, if vaping can stop Todd from shaving his head (after 25 years!) then first son at least has a chance.
  10. GPurv

    Another Ecig Explodes Wtf

    Neither the chargers or the batteries are manufactured exclusively for PV's. They are in a half dozen or more electronic gadgets within our homes (most are slammed tightly up against our brains; aka: cell phones)
  11. Congrats on growing your hair back. Bald is beautiful, but after 25 years, time to give it up, right? Maybe my 30 y/o son might stop shaving his arms if he started vaping. You give me hope. -Gary
  12. GPurv

    Wow Now This Is An Ecig.

    details, details, details...
  13. GPurv

    Wow Now This Is An Ecig.

    (congrates willmon. This is going to go viral)
  14. GPurv

    Wow Now This Is An Ecig.

    Sorry, I meant to also ask... wife wanted to know about the colors available. But, she's pretty much impressed with the size and potential.

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