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What did I learn about vaping today......

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Today I learned that the +side of a battery  looks different than the - side  Now I aint gotta fumble the battery around  looking for that little +- sign

Today I learned that as soon as I buy something, I will most likely immediately begin researching other cool vaping stuff. It's like a never ending cycle.

Today I learned that when your fed up and ready to shoot your Mod with a 12ga  It might be user error and not the Mods Fault

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If I'm enjoying myself so much, why would I need to find a support group to make me quit???  :D

And, the nearly 300 drip-tips didn't give you a hint? :D:D


Drip tips are small, cheap (for the most part), and... out of sight, out of mind. The bigger hardware is a little more difficult to ignore. lol

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Tonight, I learned that carrying backups (spare 18650 battery) serves more than just for vaping. 

I was picking up my son at Boy Scout Camp tonight, and after the closing campfire we had to make our way to the "north-40" campsite to retrieve his gear.  His flashlight battery was dead, and his spares were back at his campsite.  I had my spare Samsung 25r battery in my backup/supply case, so we were able to illuminate the trails (with both of our flashlights) and make our way to the campsite and back to the parking lot without tripping over a tree root or bumping into a branch :D

Just one more pragmatic reason to use CREE flashlights that operate on 18650 batteries!

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A wick is Very important in the production of vapor.

Cleaned and recoiling a Kayfun for a friend to try and seems
I forgot the wick stage. First time for that one.

Turned 63 last week; hope it's not a picture of things to come.:blush:

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Today I learned that it is good practice to revisit flavors before totally counting them out. 

I had bought a bottle of caramel apple from the local vape shop about 3 weeks ago. Thought it was ok when I sampled it. Vaped it for about two hours on my setup and hated every minute of it. Let it sit in the shelf for a while, and I tried it again today. It tastes great and I've been vaping it non stop!

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Today I learned  that charging an I stick50w with a bLuetooth usb charger takes forever Its been charging 8 hrs and its still not done

How do you like the istick 50? I was thinking about picking one up as cheap insurance in case my subox goes down.

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