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  1. I have a love and hate relationship with the Cleito tank. The coils are expensive and would like something higher than .4 ohm. I wanted to buy a re-buildable tank and couldn't decide. So I bought the RTA that just rolled out for the Cleito. Looks nice and has enough room for a build. The only complaints I heard was the wicking was tricky. Will let you know how it works out.
  2. I got the information from AriesJJ. He seems to know the fellow that runs the site. Aries builds some awesome coils. Will be sad to see it come down, it has been a useful tool. I can't understand why, people use it all over the world and they don't actually sell anything.
  3. Ahhh....Had to find my dripper to understand what you were explaining. Makes total sense. Agree the top does get hot and it is annoying. Will have to try your trick out and see if it works better. Thanks.
  4. I have heard in the community that Steam-engine will be coming down in March 2017. Not sure of the reason, probably due to FDA regulations. I guess you can save the web page and run it offline, but it will require saving the whole database. Haven't tried it yet, will let you know if I do. Thank you for the tip on the Vape Tool. Much appreciated.
  5. Welcome to the squonking world. I hope you like it. The only piece of advice I have is to wash the bottles thoroughly before use. There is a coating or something that makes your liquid have a plastic taste. People have suggested to use a little vodka, it seems to kill the plastic flavor. I just washed with soap and hot water and didn't have any problems for the original Drip Box.
  6. Batteries usually have a minimal charge when shipped out. Probably left over from testing after manufacturing. Most batteries I have ordered, have come with a partial charge.
  7. The two men above me ^^ are pretty wise. I think you might want to weigh what they are trying to say.
  8. It is a process for drilling or extracting oil from rock or shale using water pressure. It is becoming more common and is very controversial in the part of Colorado that I live in. There have been court cases and public votes to block fracking. The oil companies says it is safe but there are many sites that have drilled and contaminated the local water source. People have reported water from their faucets actually becoming flammable. Pretty scary in my opinion. It has been said that fracking causes earth quakes. I live no where near the southern part of Colorado (Pueblo/Colo Springs). Visited there several times, nice area. I prefer to live farther north of Denver.
  9. Have family in Charleston. They didn't evacuate. Not surprised they are staying put. Family in Florida are on the other coast and not in any danger. We have had some minor earthquakes in CO lately. It is a bit unusual. There is a lot of fracking going on in this state. Not buying into the fracking causes earthquakes theory just yet. I do believe fracking contaminates the water table here. We are more at risk from flooding, high winds and tornadoes.
  10. I get spit back from the Cleito tank and RDA, but after the coil warms up it stops. I don't have any spit back from my iSub tank, the coils have a screen at the top. Spit back never bothered me. Probably got used to it from using 510 cartomizers and dripping atomizers. I have been doing this way to long.
  11. I have an original Twisted Messes 2, it does come in a knock off version. I learned to build with this one and it was easy. Nice big work area and it will take all kinds of builds. It is a pricey RDA, knock off is cheaper and just as good from what I heard. I got mine through a connection at a very, very good price. I would buy another. http://twistedmesses.com/product/black-twisted-messes-rda2-tmsquared/
  12. Trump will quit and Hillary will be impeached. Neither will finish a full 4 years.
  13. It took me a few days to get used to the wide style drip tips that come with some of the tanks now. I am using the iSub Apex and the Cleito. I prefer the flavor from the iSub tank over the Cleito. The Cleito can run a bit hot and burns through liquid really fast. Both tanks now offer a RBA deck. I may buy the RBA for the Cleito, I want a little bit more control for flavor on that tank. I also have the Kanger Drip Box (squonker). Used it quite a bit until I bought the Twisted Messes 2 RDA. Love it!
  14. But the internet told me I could use packing tape to seal the forms. Glad to see you back and you are doing well.
  15. Try the Joye eGo AIO starter kit. It is inexpensive and the coil are affordable. Has a nice draw, locking cap and it is very small. I have one and use it daily. Would make a nice traveling vape. https://www.vaportalkstore.com/product/joye-ego-aio-starter-kit-silver/
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